I have been involved in GM reporting for many years, and I found that if I discuss whether to support GM with people who oppose GM, the result is often that the opponents win. Because arguing whether to develop GM itself is one of the actions against GM.

The transgene itself is a breeding technique, and it is just a common breeding technique. Under this premise, we will discuss genetic modification in the larger framework of breeding.

Why there is argument

There are three main techniques in breeding. The first is cross-breeding, and conventional breeding is crossover. Second, after molecular techniques are mastered, a breeding of molecular markers is produced. The third is genetic modification. Genetic modification is just a technology under the big industry of breeding. Technology cannot be described in terms of good or bad, but depends on what products this genetically modified technology brings.

Although GM is only one of three breeding categories, it is irreplaceable. Because genetic modification uses high-quality gene extraction, new high-quality systems can be created, which cannot be achieved by other breeding methods.

In the 1980s, two technologies were particularly hot: one was computers, and the other was bioengineering. Nowadays, computers have greatly changed our way of life, but genetically modified organisms are far behind, and even a lot of doubts have appeared.

Find the cause and effect behind

GMO is basically a commercial issue. Any technology is invented to develop better products and earn more benefits. It is a business practice. Therefore, to treat the problem of genetic modification as a business practice, many things have been explained.

China still has a lot of deficiencies in this regard. At present, China still largely regards genetic modification as a high-tech research project, without considering its market prospects, which often results in high-investment research and development results that have no practical value. Not recognized by the market, resulting in waste of resources.

Another reason for the resistance to the promotion of GM in China is the issue of the approval of new varieties in China. China's new variety certification regulations require new products to increase production by 5% compared to old products before they are allowed to enter the variety certification process, which is equivalent to taking output as the only indicator. The more important significance of genetic modification is to ensure stable production and reduce the use of pesticides.

When discussing a commodity, one should not only see the mysterious things above, but the real attributes of the commodity. When foreign seed companies entered China in the past, they did not introduce the best seeds of their own country, but introduced a new advantage, but it was enough to shatter the seed industry that China was 30 years behind.

Therefore, we should not have discussed whether genetic modification is harmful, because the Chinese seed industry has been lagging behind for many years, and the seeds we use now are foreign products from 20 to 30 years ago.

China's technology in the field of traditional breeding is far behind, and it is difficult to catch up. However, it has only been 20 years since GM technology was commercialized, and it is relatively easy to catch up. If China wants to develop seed industry, it must take the road of transformation.

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