Recently, in the quality inspection process in various places, the phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde has occurred frequently, and wooden floors, wooden doors and wood-based panels have been shot without exception. "Formaldehyde door" frequently occurs, is it really "crisis" to buy sheet products? It is reported that the "Green Plate Purchasing Regulations" has been officially implemented since December, and people in the industry remind consumers to buy environmentally-friendly standards for building materials. Quality inspection report.

More formaldehyde in the sheet

Near the end of the year, various localities have successively carried out product sampling inspection activities. The excessive formaldehyde standard is still a major problem that cannot be ignored in the home building materials industry. Recently, Wenzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau randomly selected 20 batches of wooden doors and wood flooring in a special quality monitoring, involving Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places, and 6 batches of products were unqualified, of which 2 batches of formaldehyde were produced. The amount of release exceeded the standard. Last week, the Liaoning Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce announced a random monitoring report for sheet metal products. The Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau also announced the results of sampling inspection of wood-based panels. The above two inspection results show that the excessive formaldehyde emission is the main quality problem of sheet metal products.

The reporter found in the building materials market that many sheet products did not indicate the environmental protection level and the amount of formaldehyde released. In a wooden door sales shop, the staff told reporters that the wooden door materials are all environmentally friendly solid wood, which does not contain formaldehyde, but does not produce the corresponding test. data. The owner of a wood-based panel store said that the paint-free board is environmentally friendly and basically has no formaldehyde pollution. Many people buy it directly to make cabinets and wardrobes.

Material environmental protection does not mean product environmental protection

"Wood flooring, wooden doors and other solid wood panels and artificial panels, the quality of the products, whether there is formaldehyde or not, relying on the sales staff's mouth, a lot of hype, but in fact, the plate products will use formaldehyde as the main raw material in the production process. An aldehyde adhesive," said the Decorative Materials Association expert.

Experts from the Decorative Materials Association said that many of the products are mostly processed by materials. Even if the business uses environmentally friendly materials, it is impossible to ensure that formaldehyde does not exceed the standard during the production process. Due to the use of aldehyde adhesives, once the process is not strictly controlled during the processing, the amount of adhesive is not properly controlled or the use of inferior adhesives will cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard. Therefore, although some businesses can provide certification standards for materials, they cannot guarantee that products are truly environmentally friendly.

“Environmental materials have low formaldehyde content, but the cost is relatively high. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers will buy inferior materials.” Experts from the Decorative Materials Association reminded that when purchasing sheet products, in addition to the sampling reports and product materials of the products themselves, When purchasing wooden doors and wood flooring products, it is best to pay attention to the manufacturer's information and qualifications, and keep detailed bills for problems.

Buying plates must look for environmental protection signs

“I recently found that the environmental certificates issued by different brands are different, and the certification bodies are very diverse.” Mr. Wang said that he can only look at the price/performance ratio when he looks at it. It is not clear whether he is environmentally friendly. Previous media reports said that the environmental protection products "Li Gui" are more, some certifications are even knock-off goods.

In this regard, Nanjing City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute related people said that the current highest standard of environmental protection in China is the Chinese environmental label (commonly known as the "ten ring" logo). This mark is a green certification authorized by the former State Environmental Protection Administration, and it is also the only authoritative environmental protection product mark issued by the government.

In addition, the “Green Plate Purchasing Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as “Specifications”) issued by the Ministry of Commerce was officially implemented on December 1st. The “Specifications” classify green sheet products into G1, G2 and G3, of which G1 For the highest level, the plate produced without aldehyde glue is called aldehyde-free grade; G2 grade is the highest environmental protection level in the world, called aldehyde level; G3 grade is the lowest level of green sheet, which is equivalent to China's current The highest environmental protection level E0 (formaldehyde emission 0.5mg / L). In the future, consumers who purchase environmentally-friendly furniture, flooring and other products can simply check whether the product is “green” by checking the corresponding product with 3G label.

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