Every woman is very visibly exposed to the face. I want to have bright, flawless skin. So important for facial care, choosing facial skin care products is more important. Xiaobian recommended several facial products for you, let's take a look!

Winter facial skin care products make you look good

Kiehls Kyle Amazon White Mud Cleanser

Product Features: Soft foam cleansing formula, deep cleansing skin, Amazon white mud can remove old dead skin cells and improve large pores. The fine-grained diatomaceous earth can reform the pore fineness. Immediately after washing the skin, it is clean and smooth.

Recommended reason: not tight after washing, and no fragrance, really good. It's really clean and clean, and it feels wet, slippery and comfortable.

Winter facial skin care products make you look good

Shiseido Shiseido Facial Moisturizing Mask

Product Features: Soothing hydrating mask with a soothing facial mask to improve the skin's moisture balance, strengthen the skin's natural barrier protection, and make the skin reach its best state and vitality.

Recommended reason: the texture of moist and moist, the effect is super good and do not have to worry about the skin stimulation, it is really good to use, after a few times, the dull skin color will be significantly improved; the color spots become lighter. Great.

Winter facial skin care products make you look good

Laneige Hydrating Essence

Product Features: A moisturizing barrier that protects the damaged cuticles of dry skin and protects the skin from moisture and oil. The resveratrol component contained in the grape is made into a high-concentration capsule, which protects the skin in a harmful environment and imparts a high moisturizing/high elasticity effect, bringing health and vitality to the skin. Contains enhanced botanical collagen and natural extracts from soy to leave skin deeply elastic and give skin a healthy glow.

Recommended reason: the texture is very good, rubbed on the face, the skin absorbs quickly, the face moisturizing can last for a long time, the skin health is more energetic.

In addition to using a cream, facial treatment has a very important step - cleaning. If you have make-up, you should first remove the makeup, skin cleansing is the basis of maintenance, you can completely remove the cosmetics on the face, surface oil and dirt. >>>Resignation of the old women's skin care compulsory course

Cleansing method: Use the middle finger and ring finger's fingertips to go down and up, from the inside to the outside, gently avoid the eye area. Rinse with warm water and gently dry the face with a dry towel or cotton pad.

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