Toys are good teachers and teachers who inspire children's intelligence. However, the quality of children's toys on the market is currently mixed, and some of them have some harm to children's health. Please pay attention - what are the "toxic toys" around the children?
With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for toys is getting bigger and bigger, but many parents are not aware of the safety hazards in toys. So, what are the dangerous toys?
Plasticizer-induced precocious puberty
The environmental protection organization "Greenpeace" once purchased 30 pieces of toy samples of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc., and found that 21 of them contained phthalate plasticizers. What kind of harm does plasticizer have?
According to Associate Professor Xu Rizhen from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, phthalate is a kind of chemical that can soften. It is widely used in toys, food packaging, wallpaper, detergent, nail polish, washing. Among the products such as hair water and body wash, many cosmetics and textiles are also inseparable from the production.
Phthalates, a widely used chemical, are very harmful. Xu Rizhen said: "Soft plastic toys and children's products containing phthalates may be imported by children. If left for too long, it will cause the dissolution of phthalates to exceed safe levels. Children's liver and kidneys affect hormone secretion in infants and young children, causing hormonal imbalance, which may lead to precocious puberty in children."
He also pointed out: "The 2011 Taiwan food plasticizer incident, as well as the recent domestic liquor incident, have detected such compounds." Xu Rizhen said that in fact, there are many alternative products of phthalates, such as citrate esters. Epoxy soybean oil, cyclohexane dicarboxylate, etc., but their prices are currently relatively high.
So, is there any way for consumers to identify whether plastic toys contain such plasticizers? In this regard, Xu Rizhen admits that it is difficult for consumers to visually identify it unless it is tested using a kit. “For example, there is now a rapid test kit for plasticizers. Consumers can use alcohol to extract toys, that is, parts of foam toys, such as a bubble for one day, and then use the kit for testing, but need to make a blank for the alcohol used at the same time. Compare". However, he also pointed out that although there are ways to detect it, sometimes the effect is not clear and specific, and there is the possibility of destroying the toy. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention when purchasing the toy and purchase the product produced by the regular manufacturer.
Puzzle mats are hard to be assured
The foam puzzle mat is a common children's toy. A lady told me that “I have a lot of puzzle mats in my house. Because there are many colors, it looks good, and the puzzles above should be able to exercise. Children's intelligence, I often put them together, put the children on it, let him play." This is the puzzle mat that many parents prefer, but there are security problems.
Belgium and France have successively ordered children to be sold on the market with foam puzzle mats. Because it was found that almost all foam puzzle mats emit excessive concentrations of chemicals including the toxic substance formamide.
What kind of substance is formamide? Xu Rizhen introduced that most of the jigsaw mat materials sold in China are mainly EVA (ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer) and PE (polyethylene). These two materials are non-toxic, but the manufacturers are in the process of making puzzle mats. It will add formamide, which is harmful to the health of the human body.
Toxicological studies of formamide have confirmed that it can be absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract mucosa and skin, damaging the blood and nervous system, and has a strong stimulating effect on the skin and eyes. In addition, the formamide will release ammonia gas when it encounters high temperature, and if the human body inhales a large amount of ammonia gas, it will have symptoms such as tearing, hoarseness, coughing and difficulty in breathing.
"In fact, formamide is mainly used for chemical synthesis. In foamed plastics, azodicarbonamide, also known as AC foaming agent, is the largest amount of organic foaming agent. It can be decomposed by heat and emits gas. The formation of cells is an essential raw material for foam plastics. The harm of AC foaming agents to children's health needs to be analyzed according to the residues, but the evaluations of different countries are inconsistent. The use of AC is related to the formula, the formula is reasonable, basically will not There is a problem. But the formula is unreasonable and may cause problems." Xu Rizhen pointed out.
Heavy metal hazard behind color
Bright colors tend to attract children's attention, so in order to make toys more attractive colors, some manufacturers apply a large number of colorants to the production of plastic toys. According to Xu Rizhen, about 80% of all plastic products are colored. Colorants are mainly classified into organic colorants and inorganic colorants. Some inorganic colorants contain heavy metals, especially mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium, etc., which have significant biological toxicity.
Mercury will sink directly into the liver and cause great damage to the brain, nerves and vision; cadmium can cause high blood pressure, cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, destroy bones and liver and kidney, and cause kidney failure; lead is more serious than metal pollution. The big one, once it enters the human body, will be difficult to rule out. It can directly harm human brain cells, especially the fetal nervous system, which can cause congenital mental retardation. Some organic colorants may also produce some toxic organic substances. "Excessive addition of plastic colorants is one of the important reasons for the failure of plastic products."
In addition to the harmful substances contained in heavy metals such as heavy metals, plastic toys themselves may also contain harmful substances, especially toys made of inferior recycled plastic. According to Xu Rizhen, most of the recycled plastics are processed from waste materials such as garbage recycling materials and even medical infusion needles. In addition, the environmental hygiene in the production process is unqualified, and the plastic products thus produced are extremely unsanitary. Toxic bacteria. “Because recycled plastics cannot distinguish the source and cannot distinguish the varieties, the dangerous substances contained in them are difficult to determine.” Xu Rizhen reminded.
In response to these safety problems that may exist in toys, Xu Rizhen pointed out: "If the toys purchased are very scented or the colors are abnormally bright, then they are more likely to have safety problems. For older age, they are self-care. For children with abilities, parents should let them develop good habits, wash their hands frequently, and don't let the toys touch the mouth. For younger children, parents should pay more attention to the purchase of toys that are produced by regular manufacturers and have safety certification. toy."

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