A theme park must have multiple different theme areas for amusement equipment. Because of different project contents in each area, there are more and fewer tourists participating in the activities; the area of ​​amusement programs is large and small, so these characteristics should be followed. To arrange the layout. The important point in the layout principle is to allocate people flow and ensure management is in place. In addition, it is necessary to fully consider the psychological needs of tourists. At the same time, attention should be paid to the matching of the dynamic zone and the static zone, and the distinction between adults and children.
From another point of view, when the theme park establishes the types, contents, and styles of the theme scenic spots, it is necessary to take into account the planning of each theme scenic spot and the transition and separation between each other, so as to truly create a beautiful and natural Environment, to achieve a reasonable layout.
Disneyland is roughly composed of seven thematic areas (US Main Street, New Orleans Square, All Things Home, Wilderness Area, Happy Garden, Mickey Fairytale City, and Future World). Visitors can choose according to their interests. Area to play. From the general plan of Disneyland in Los Angeles, we can see the organizational characteristics of its space: First, each group revolves around a square where people gather and flow; second, two or three projects form a “cluster”. The road between the "team" and other "teams" is very smooth; thirdly, the square area needed for people to stay is fully taken into consideration; fourth, there are many public toilets, and there is basically one about 50 meters; fifth, Embodies the care for the disabled, you can clearly see the eye-catching signs, arranged a dedicated channel and so on. In short, the overall layout of Disneyland is very orderly and well-organized.
It is often impossible for tourists to maintain emotional and physical input for long periods of time. Therefore, when a successful theme park organizes scenic spots and separates scenic spots, it must emphasizing a rhythmic pattern of “prologue-climatic-relaxation transition-climax” to allow tourists to inadvertently space in different spaces. Can play happily.
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