The HUMGINE blast oven has the following features:

First, the industry's rare protection system

HUMGINE oven has 1) over temperature alarm 2) under phase loss phase protection 3) over current protection 4) fast fuse 5) grounding protection and other systems. This feature fully protects the safety of the experimenter.

Second, the use of well-known accessories

1) The electrical control components are all domestic famous brand “Zhengtai”. 2) The electrical circuit design is novel, reasonable wiring, safe and reliable. 3) The top of the box is an electric control cabinet, which is convenient for centralized inspection and maintenance.

Adopting the famous Korean brand "HM" temperature controller (currently the most cost-effective instrument on the market), the product adopts comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility design and user-friendly menu design, which makes the operation of the equipment completely foolproof and the temperature control effect is excellent. Dual screen high brightness and wide window digital display, the indication value is clear and intuitive. Microcomputer intelligent control, after setting the temperature, the meter controls the heating power by itself, and displays the heating state, and the temperature control is accurate and stable. Over temperature alarm and automatically cut off the heating power. With timing function, the timing time is up to 9999 minutes.

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