[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [difficulties] When it comes to solid wood wardrobes, we should hear more, but there are very few solid wood custom wardrobes. As we all know, most of the custom wardrobes on the market are panel wardrobes. So why are there fewer solid wood wardrobes?

[Question] Why are there fewer solid wood wardrobes?

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Speaking of plates, many people are worried about environmental issues. But only in the market to walk, we know that most of the brands are dominated by plates, and there are very few solid woods, even if they are not. What is the reason?

In addition to the relatively high cost of solid wood wardrobes (generally from four hundred yuan, or even thousands of dollars), but also because of the technical problems of solid wood wardrobe. The whole wardrobe industry is not as mature as the board in the technology of solid wood custom wardrobes. According to well-known dealers, although the solid wood custom closet is high-grade, "cracking is a normal thing." Because the solid wood itself has a certain water content, it is technically difficult to completely dry. In addition, solid wood surfaces are generally painted, and their environmental performance is not necessarily optimal.

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