Environmental Value The name of the Qinling fir is symmetrical with the hot cedar and the warm cedar. Because the fir is a warm and warm area, it is called “hot cedar” and “warm cedar”. Fir is like a cold and wet environment, with shallow roots. It is a tree plant in the southwestern alpine forest, and a tree in the western subalpine. It is an important afforestation species in the upper part of the mountain in the distribution area, and is the main component species of the top community of forest ecosystems.

Economic value Qinling fir wood texture is straight, uniform and fine, light and soft, easy to process, weak nailing, is the most excellent pulp material; the glue secreted by the cortex can extract fir glue, yellowish green, transparent, not easy to condense, It has a special aromatic odor, similar to glass, and is an important adhesive for optical instruments and lenses. The aromatic oil content of needles is 0.2%-0.6%, the oil content of seeds is 30%, soap can be made, and the bark contains 5% of tannins. 15%.

The research value is of great value for the formation of species and plant geography due to the ancient nature and reliance of Qinling fir. It coexists with dinosaur fossils, reproduces the ancient ecological environment of dinosaurs, and studies the rise and fall of dinosaurs and geological changes. Has important reference value.

Appreciation value The Qinling fir is beautiful in appearance, and the canopy is like a giant umbrella. Although it has survived the vicissitudes of life, it still lingers over the rest of the life. It is still a stalk of Cangyexiu. It is tall and straight, and it is a piece of art. The value of gardening is extremely high.

Medicinal value Qinling fir can be used for medicinal purposes. Weixin, slightly bitter, flat; can be rheumatism, strong bones, heat and cough. Often used to treat bruises, rheumatic pain, lung heat cough, prevention of influenza, meningitis and nephritis, edema, kidney deficiency, low back pain, women uterine bleeding, central abdominal pain, mites, mites and burdock, etc. Sweat, topical treatment can cure snoring. The stem of the stem contains about 27.44% starch, which can extract starch-based food, and its rhizome has the functions of clearing heat and boiling.

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