After obtaining the manufacturer's identification code and correctly coding the products that need to be printed with barcodes, enterprises should print the barcodes on the corresponding product packaging. Usually, this requires ordering the original barcode film in order to guarantee the barcode printing quality. The original bar code film is the key to correct printing and use of bar codes. It cannot be enlarged or reduced at will during plate making and printing. Enterprises should pay attention to the following when ordering original bar code films:

1. The enterprise should have a certain understanding of the technology and equipment level of the original film production unit, and it is best to order it from a special agency to ensure the quality of the original film of the barcode.

2. When coding, the complete EAN-13 code is composed of the manufacturer's identification code, product item code and check digit. Among them, the product item code is compiled by the enterprise itself, and is arranged in strict accordance with the "one product and one code" in the form of serial number to facilitate enterprise management.

3. The size of the original barcode film is related to the amplification factor of the barcode. The magnification factor actually refers to the size of the product barcode. If the product barcode is too large, it will take up too much space for packaging patterns or printed text, which is not practical; if it is too small, it will cause difficulty in printing and reading. Therefore, the size of the bar code should be appropriate, usually according to the size of the product packaging and the area allowed to print, the amplification factor of the product barcode on the product packaging should be in the range of 0.8-2.0, and the general amplification factor should be 0.9- 1.2 For 0.8-0.9 bar code symbols, the quality control is more difficult, and should be used carefully.

4. Selection of positive and negative films of the original film: positive and negative are the same as the printed bar code symbols, and negative films are the opposite. Normally, the positive film of the original film of the barcode symbol is drawn by the laser drawing equipment, and the negative film is copied by the positive film. The selection depends on the needs of the plate-making printing process. The general principles are: used for making letterpress and flat letterpress, selecting negative film; used for making gravure, planogravure and aperture plate (such as screen printing plate), selecting positive film.

Barcode original film should be noted when using and storing: do not scratch or scratch the film; if the film is deformed due to special reasons, it should not be used; the film should be saved after the plate is made for the next plate printing.

Fifth, the company should have a person in charge of managing the customization of the original barcode film, and archive the film made every time, so that it can be added again when there are new products in the future, so as to avoid duplication of coding.

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