At the moment, many people are renovating their houses. Does the complicated building materials make you pick your eyes?

A five-site market sampling report released by the Quanzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently showed that the unqualified rate of the building materials market was 74.3%. In fact, the building materials market is not only a matter of quality, but also a lot of jokes in the sales process. From now on, this newspaper launched a series of reports, exposed the shady building materials market, and invited relevant people to give countermeasures, reminding consumers to pay attention to the purchase of building materials and decoration, so as not to eat dumb loss.

Which brand to choose? The price of each family is not small. The solid wood floor of the same tree species is only 100-200 yuan per square meter, and some are sold at 900-1000 yuan/square meter. Merchants say that their own good, high-priced businesses have said that their raw materials are imported from abroad, low-priced businesses say that their prices can hit the lowest, in the end which is good, which kind of goods are really cheap, it is a bit dazzling .

Still look at the certification! However, in these certification cards and certificates, in addition to the national inspection-free products, quality management system certification, etc., there are some of China's top ten safety standards for wood flooring, antibacterial and waterproof certification for 15 years, and China's famous best-selling brands. Which of these various certifications are authentic? I really have to look up the information to know the truth.

Look at the signs, many businesses have the wooden floor branded abroad, in a wooden floor shop in Huxin Street, there are South American Elm, Austrian White Oak, French Rose Oak, Brazilian Sandalwood... These wooden floors are related to several countries. Not a professional, I really don't know how to tell.

Faced with the current situation of the wood flooring market, a senior account manager revealed to the reporter the 'catty'.

Cat tired 1: hanging sheep's head selling dog meat

In order to pursue high profits, dealers changed labels and deliberately referred to low-grade solid wood materials as high-grade precious wood materials. Consumers fancy a high-priced floor, but other low-priced floors were installed on the door. This kind of situation is not a small number, many businesses will find ways to do some articles here, not experts can never see. The most common is that a floor commonly known as the green mulberry is sold as an African jade sandalwood. With this label, the price can be more than 200 yuan / square meter invisibly, and a house is not a small number.

In addition, the same kind of wood, due to natural factors such as sunshine, soil, watering, etc., the color difference of wood is very normal, large manufacturers often filter the material classification. The national standard for the classification of flooring is divided into three categories: superior products, first-class products, and qualified products. Prices vary naturally, and prices vary naturally. Under normal circumstances, for the same wood species, the difference between different grades is between 50 and 100 yuan. Some merchants deliberately confuse the product grade, and use coloring to cover up the shortage of wood.

Weapons: Recognizing the wood species is the key, and then examining the market price, you need to shop around, try to save unnecessary trouble. Regular manufacturers must mark the tree species, common name, and place of origin on the wooden floor.

Catty 2: Conceptual Deception

The surface is a glossy surface, and the bottom is a graphic paper that is bonded together.

If the dealer sees the consumer who does not understand, the consumer will lie to the surface of the solid wood, and the price of one square meter can be sold for thirty or forty yuan. In fact, this kind of bright surface can easily fall off once it gets wet.

Weapons: The solid wood surface can be seen as a color difference, with a natural texture, the glossy surface is high in gloss and the texture is average.

Catty 3: Commonly known as confusion

The current market name is very confusing, merchants can call anything, big stores, and the phenomenon of giving products a common name is no more common.

The consumer was full of joy and thought that he had bought the cheap balsamic peas, and the result was a two-winged bean.

Weapons: Tree species are the key to determining value. Take mahogany as an example. Most of the flooring is mahogany. The market is commonly known as red sandalwood, red fragrant sandalwood or Huali. The price difference between different wood species is large.

Catty 4: Authentication illusion

According to industry insiders, as long as you are willing to spend money, what kind of brand is there. Many unnamed brands are likely to be bought, even the merchants themselves go to the sign shop to do it temporarily.

Weapons: Whether it is authentic or not, the key is whether the certification unit is authoritative. Formal certification will be registered on the website of the relevant department. Consumers should check it before buying, so as not to be deceived. For example, 'National Exemption Products' and 'China Famous Brand Products' shall be issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, the China Environmental Protection Administration shall issue the '10 Rings' green product certification, and the 'China Well-known Trademarks' shall be the Trademark Review and Evaluation Committee of the State Administration of Commerce and Industry. Issued or passed a court case to determine. In addition, for the flooring industry, the certification and certificate issued by the China Forestry Industry Association Floor Committee also has a certain amount of gold.

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