While domestic domestic paper prices have risen in full, waste paper recycling prices have fallen against the market. Many citizens and recyclers are confused about this. A survey by the Yangcheng Evening News found that the original decline in waste paper recycling prices in Guangzhou was partly constrained by the economic downturn in Europe.

The reporter visited the city's many recycling sites for waste materials and acquisition stations in the past few days. Dongfeng Road and the acquisition of hawkers along Guangzhou Avenue all said that although the recent purchase price of waste paper was fluctuating, it still fell a lot. When the price is highest, it is sold at 8 cents a pound. At the end of May, it fell to 5 pounds a pound. It has risen a bit in the last couple of days and it can sell 6 pounds.

A surnamed Huang owner at a waste collection station in the Jinshazhou area told the reporter, “Our purchase price of waste paper tends to increase with the increase in the price of paper on the market, but there have been cases where prices have fallen instead. At this time, We will face a loss. The most distressing thing is that we cannot understand why."

In this regard, yesterday the China Paper Association's Mr. Sun told reporters that paper product prices are indeed one of the factors that may push up the purchase price of waste paper, but not the most important factor. Because the price of raw pulp is greatly affected by raw materials and supply, the price of recovered paper is also greatly affected by the cost of shipping and acquisition channels, such as the rise and fall in the price of container transportation, fluctuations in oil prices, and transportation in a certain area. Channel congestion, etc., may affect the change and fluctuation of waste paper recycling prices.

“The waste paper recycling price during this period is also related to the economic downturn in Europe. Many European manufacturers have reduced their demand for waste paper.” Yesterday, Mr. Huang, the head of a waste recycling company in Guangdong, analyzed. “Now many domestic manufacturers who purchase waste paper have reduced production or overhauled machinery due to reduced market demand, which also contributed to the reduction of waste paper prices in the previous period.”

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