When it comes to new light sources, the first thing that comes to mind is LEDs, and then the laser light source. However, the most popular light source technology recently is the laser LED hybrid light source, which really makes everyone very different. In fact, the latest laser LED hybrid light source is now the second generation technology, which is very different from the first generation hybrid light source technology in 2010.

For the business education field, the amount of projectors is large, the lamp consumption is fast, and the later investment becomes the biggest problem; for the engineering field, ultra-high brightness engineering projectors are like Warcraft. Because the brightness of the lamp is inversely proportional to the life, each Warcraft projector It is "the devil eating the light bulb". The initial purpose of developing a new light source is actually very simple, is to obtain a long-life light source, to overcome the shortcomings of traditional light sources. LED, as a representative of solid-state light source, new hopes and new directions appear in the new light source market. LEDs have many advantages, such as wide color gamut, long life, relatively low heat output, and low power consumption. But the fatal shortcomings of LED also disappointed countless people in the industry, that is, the brightness was too low. The brightest LED light source at this stage has a brightness of only 1,000 lumens.

Not to mention the price issue, the brightness of 1000 lumens can only reach the brightness level of low-end models around 2000, and because the brightness is too low, the color and display effects are difficult to play normally, which means that it is difficult to satisfy users. demand. It is quite difficult to increase the brightness of LEDs in advance, facing three major problems: A, changing the material, the cost is too high, and the technology is immature; B, changing the module architecture, increasing the number, the volume and heat dissipation are not easy to control; C, changing the packaging form, There can be no qualitative breakthrough at this stage. These are the three mountains that hinder the development of LEDs, and many details continue to emerge, and the further development of LEDs has become an incomplete task.

Under the condition that the LED is not powerful, many scientific research institutions have switched to laser light sources with more promising and more technical charm. This development is also difficult: the control problem is solved, the directional problem is overcome, and the problem of large energy density is solved, but there are still many subsequent problems. When laser is used as a non-light source, all features are advantages; but when used as a light source, all features are disadvantages or disadvantages. In the end, it is impossible to overcome the characteristics of extremely pure colors under the premise of low cost.

When everyone was full of ambition, some experts figured out the hybrid light source. Combining the technical characteristics of the two light sources, working together, using the excellent color characteristics of the LED light source, and combining the characteristics of high laser brightness, the laser LED light source debuts. The hybrid light source will not be a new technology in the strict sense, but a new application, just like many outstanding innovations in history actually start from breaking the stereotypes.

Technical characteristics of the first generation hybrid light source

When it comes to hybrid light sources, everyone still pays more attention to the laser, full of infinite curiosity and longing. Laser is a foreign word and the result of transliteration of laser; the English original word is LightAmplificationbyStimulatedEmissionofRadiation. To a certain extent, Taiwan's direct translation laser is closer to the original meaning and transliteration. The characteristics of the laser can be roughly summarized as directivity, high energy and high stability. Among them, what makes everyone interested is the high brightness characteristic produced by the large energy density.

Unlike the laser technology in novels and movies, in the field of projectors, the laser technology used is still a light source with a controllable premise. There are two ways to form a laser. Modern laser technology mainly uses the former Soviet scientist Nikolai Basov who invented the semiconductor laser in 1960, which is characterized by controllable energy, laser pen, optical drive, disc drive, laser knife, laser light source. Other devices are all derivatives.

Hybrid technology, like synthetic materials, the ratio is very important, as is the hybrid light source.

The reason of the first generation of laser LED hybrid light source is relatively straightforward and maximizes the advantages of laser highlighting. Therefore, its mechanism is 1 group of blue lasers + 1 group of red LEDs, where the blue laser derives green through the color wheel.

Technical characteristics of the first generation hybrid light source:

1. The mechanism is relatively simple, and ultra-thin and ultra-light models can be produced.

2. The application of blue laser has greatly reduced the cost.

3. Compared with the traditional light source products with the same brightness, the power consumption is saved by more than 40%.

4. Green is not natural enough. Because the blue laser energy is too strong, coupled with the limitations of the color wheel, the color is not ideal, and green is also doped with a lot of blue light.

Technical analysis of the second generation hybrid light source

The second generation laser LED hybrid light source technology is more ideal than other light source technologies. The technical advantages of a variety of light sources are combined to reduce the disadvantages as much as possible:

The technical principle of the second generation laser LED hybrid light source

First, mix the light sources to combine the color advantages of LED light sources with the highlight advantages of laser light sources. Unlike the most familiar LED light source, the application of laser technology has greatly improved the brightness of the projector, but color cast cannot be avoided. The color saturation of LED is high, but the brightness is too low; while the brightness of the laser light source is high, the color is not satisfactory. Due to the publicity of the media, the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and high color saturation of LED light sources have been greatly promoted positively, while the disadvantages have been completely submerged. Increasing the brightness of LEDs is almost an impossible task; the color of the laser depends on the wavelength of the laser, and the wavelength depends on the active material that emits the laser. After the light is emitted, the color is not easy to change. Color cast problem.

Second, it simultaneously balances the energy saving of LED light sources and the high energy consumption of laser light sources. The low energy consumption of the LED light source brings low brightness, and the high brightness of the laser brings high energy consumption. At this stage, the peak brightness of traditional light source engineering projectors reaches 40,000 lumens, the peak brightness of laser light source engineering projections reaches 50,000 lumens, and the peak brightness of LED light source products is only 1,000 lumens.

Third, the technical upgrade of hybrid light sources. There are 2 generations of laser LED hybrid light source technology. The first generation is a red LED + blue laser, and the blue laser is divided into blue and green by the color wheel. The second generation is a red LED + blue LED + blue laser, and the blue laser is converted to green by the color wheel.

New light source technology is still evolving, and the development of technology will not be shifted by human consciousness. Future development analysis:

A, hybrid light source is just a transition technology, but the transition time is 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years, it is difficult to judge.

B. The laser light source is very powerful, but it is not known when high color, low cost, and small size will become popular.

C. Perhaps when the laser technology is truly mature, the new technology will completely eliminate all existing technologies.

In the field of hybrid light sources, Casio is the most well-known brand and a pioneer. Ultra-thin and ultra-thin design Casio is the earliest brand to mass-produce laser LED hybrid light sources, and its product workmanship is very good. The ultra-thin and ultra-thin design is very flattering and is the first visually-acclaimed killer to attract business education professionals.

Highlight products

In terms of brightness, Casio's products are also at the forefront of hybrid light source technology. Products using the second-generation hybrid light source technology have a maximum brightness of 4000 lumens, which can meet the needs of most commercial users.

product analysis:

1. Early products, using the first generation of mixed light source technology, the display effect is general, but the portable design is the most avant-garde of various brands.

2. The product promotion is not strong enough, it can be described in a low-key manner, and the domestic users' awareness is not high. Later products are better, but the market is still biased towards Europe and America.

Driven by TI's global strategy, many large projection companies have also joined the new technology journey of hybrid light sources. Among them, Optoma, ViewSonic and Acer are the forerunners of this time. Its future development trend:

1. The replacement of old and new is an inevitable trend. The new hybrid light source will completely replace the traditional light source, mainly in the commercial education market, and the home market is also worth looking forward to.

2. Popularization of new products is difficult to predict. The popularization of new technologies is a painful experience, whether it is dumping old products or positioning high-end, the road to popularization is unpredictable.

3. In the field of engineering, hybrid light sources are also promising.

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