Although the kitchen is small, it should not be a neglected object. The hood in the kitchen can't be squandered. Do you want a meal to smash your chest and feel like a hood? When we are facing the "fudge" of the promoters in the store, we must have our own opinions, and don't come close to the misunderstanding of the purchase.

Misunderstanding 1: Regarding power, the promoters often use it to make a fuss, saying that the greater the power, the better the effect of the oil smoke will be. This is a big mistake! In fact, there is no necessary connection between the power and the effect of the range smog. If a hood is only powerful, and the turbine is rough, the motor is not manufactured, and the inner cavity is poorly manufactured, it is often only dry, but it does not achieve good results!

Myth 2: Regarding the panel material, the promoters may "deliberately forget" not to mention, or directly say a certain alloy noun to do the flicker, the letter is really "fudge". In fact, the material of the range hood is very important. Imagine that a hood should be exposed to various types of soot, seasonings and other acid and alkali corrosion, which may not be seen in the short term, but will occur after half a year or a year later. Such as fading, oily smoke. If the wire is corroded, it will cause a short circuit and burn the motor. In fact, it is very simple to inspect the material. The best materials in China are generally made of imported M-Cr steel. It looks fine and durable. This material is resistant to oxidation and corrosion and will be rubbed. The brighter. To distinguish the difference between this material and the general alloy material, you only need to use the magnet directly to try it. If you can buy it, it will definitely be a general inferior alloy or iron. If you can't buy it, it will be the real thing.

Misunderstanding 3: About the cavity design. On the one hand, the interior of the range hood should be as seamless and easy to clean as possible, and at the same time, it must be able to protect the lines so that the various lines can work normally under the strong corrosive conditions of the fumes and are not corroded. (The consequences of line corrosion have been mentioned in Misunderstanding 1.) The design of the cavity is to be seamless, and the wireless path is designed inside the cavity. The seamless design is not only seamless in the cavity, but also the small surface parallel to the cooktop can be seamless, and the “invisible seamless” is also required in the joint between the oil net and the inner cavity, for example, to set Anti-oil wall, etc., this is really not to clean the corners.

Misunderstanding 4: Free to wash and wash. This sentence is also easy to be fooled. It is impossible for the hood to be absolutely free of washing and unloading. After one year of use of a hood, it must be removed and washed. Otherwise, due to the adhesion of the turbine and the internal fuse, it will seriously affect the effect of the oil smog. Therefore, a hood cannot be unrestricted "free-washing", but should be designed as "removable and washable". After one year, it is really easy to clean by removing the oil net at home and removing the turbine.

Bocce Ball is a kind of outdoor entertainment activity. We can also call it Bocce or Petanque. It dates from Roman Empire and is one of the oldest of all bowling games. It gains popularity in the United States since it can be played by people of different ages at their spare time in the park or on grassland. Bocce is played between two players or two teams of up to four players on a team. 

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