[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Bedroom wardrobe is an indispensable decoration project, its color and style need to conform to the overall style of the bedroom. At the same time, because the size and volume of the wardrobe are large, it is also necessary to consider the layout design of the bedroom. Let's take a look at the four bedroom wardrobes that the China Wardrobe Network brings to you. The simple style wardrobe is super practical.

Bedroom wardrobe design one:

Bedroom wardrobe design

Bedroom wardrobe design

The space in the bedroom is not spacious, but it also gives us a comfortable feeling.

Bedroom wardrobe design two:

Bedroom closet

Bedroom wardrobe design

The bedroom purple red soft bag with long black mirrors triggers a dialogue with the shadows, like a beautiful dream with a smooth line, creating infinite delusions, white carpets and warm fabrics, and highlights everywhere. Fashion temperament...

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