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The temperature shock test chamber is mainly used to carry out environmental simulation tests on the physical and other related characteristics of the product under the conditions of high temperature and low temperature transient change according to the requirements of national military standards or user-defined requirements. At the same time, the equipment test can improve Product reliability and quality control of the product. The performance index can meet the national standard GB/T 2423.1-2008 "Electrical and Electrical Products Environmental Test Part 1: Test Method Test A Low Temperature"; GB/T 2423.2-2008 "Electrical and Electrical Products Environmental Test Part 2: Test Method Test B high temperature"; GB11158-2008 "high temperature test box technical conditions"; GB10589-2008 "low temperature test box technical conditions"; GB/T10592-2008 "high and low temperature test chamber technical conditions"; GJB150.3 "military equipment environmental test method High temperature test"; GJB150.4 "Cryogenic equipment environmental test method low temperature test"; GB/T 2423.22 "Electrical and electronic products basic environmental test procedures test N: temperature change test method" and other relevant standards requirements design and manufacture.


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