[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In Thailand's "yes or no" movie, the most heartfelt sentence is "When you see you, just like a thousand butterflies in your heart dance." Today, we are evaluating Puli Butterfly push-pull wardrobe , its biggest feature is the butterfly as a decoration, the whole wardrobe reveals a refined, stylish atmosphere. The white cabinet is fresh and elegant, and it is very simple for young people.

Custom wardrobe

The plate of this wardrobe is solid wood particle board, which has small expansion coefficient, uniform internal texture, strong bending resistance and stability. Moreover, the environmental protection performance is high, and the environmental protection level is E0 grade, which is environmentally friendly and durable. For sheet metal, you can choose Desheng plate or Yulin Emperor plate, and there are a variety of plate colors to choose from.

Solid wood wardrobe

The cabinet is made of glazed tempered glass, and it is conceivable that the impact resistance and wear resistance and high temperature resistance are good. In addition, it also has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, never fade, safety and high strength, and has the characteristics of reflection and non-perspective. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the wardrobe features four butterflies that dance. And the four dancing butterflies also have their own special craftsmanship. By touching the surface of the cabinet, it is found that the butterfly is not pasted as usual, but is painted in the inner layer by the process of drawing the glaze.

Overall wardrobe

The side of the sliding door is designed with a brush, which not only prevents dust from entering, but also cleans the dust of the cabinet at the same time as the switch. This design is more practical and user-friendly. In addition, there is a component called a pressure nozzle above the cabinet. Its function is to prevent the cabinet door from colliding when approaching the cabinet edge, causing a certain impact on the cabinet. With its presence, it can be buffered. The role. The assessor also reminded consumers that when purchasing a wardrobe, they may wish to pay more attention to the details of the device.

Custom wardrobe

The interior of this wardrobe is patchy and can accommodate objects of different sizes. The storage capacity of the cabinet is relatively large. In addition, there are a few notable small details, such as the plastic cover of the screw hole of the wardrobe, not only beautiful but also insect-proof and formaldehyde-proof. There is also a hanging trousers in the closet for easy clothes, but not much. There is also a three-section guide rail for Hong Kong and Feng's extraction guide rails. The hanging pants can be completely opened and the space is more comprehensive.

This Spree Butterfly Sliding Cabinet not only gives you a feminine visual experience, but its storage function is also very powerful, and it is also based on green environmental protection. The overall design style is very user-friendly, giving a warm feeling.

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