Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed a small spray dryer of the brand Hao Zhuang (LNB), which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable

The comparison of the composition system of spray drying: 1. Hot air circulation system. In the process of spray drying, the hot air circulation system is the main power and carrier for drying, collection, and steam discharge. The L-6000Y small spray dryer produced by Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument adopts the method of negative pressure suction to circulate the hot air in the system. The advantages are: the hot air is controlled in the system, there is no leakage, and it will not affect the experimental environment, so that the experimental personnel work in a clean experimental environment. Most brands of products, widely used positive pressure blowing hot air circulation system. Because the positive pressure is generated inside the system, each connection of the spray drying system implies the pressure of the hot air leakage. Therefore, the hot air leakage containing dust makes the labyrinth smoke, which is not suitable for the work requirements of laboratory personnel. It is confirmed by experiments that the negative pressure suction type hot air circulation system cooperates with a reasonable structure cyclone collection system. The sample collection rate of the spray dryer sample is more than 10% higher than that of the positive pressure blow-in spray dryer, especially in the experiment of trace samples. more obvious. 2. Liquid material atomizing system In the spray dryer system, atomizing nozzles are the most important components. Usually, nozzles with four apertures of 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.4mm and 2.0mm are available. According to different materials and solutions, the choice of nozzles should be consulted with product experts or selected after the experiment. Shanghai Haozhuang Company provides services for users to test spray or test for users, in order to let users buy the most suitable products. The experimental process of spray drying should achieve a complete set of process methods for a certain material to be successfully dried. Each experimental parameter is an integral part of the entire set of process methods, including the selection of the nozzle, so the manufacturer's technical guidance to the user is very important, and friendly technical support will greatly help the user's experimental success. Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Company has accumulated more than ten years of experience in use and production, and has given the most appropriate guidance and services to all users who purchase self-produced spray dryers from our company. It is the core of Shanghai Haozhuang's corporate culture. Friendly and thoughtful technical support makes difficult experiments a breeze in the hands of users. 3. Cyclone collection system Cyclone collector is a very classic powder collector, widely used by spray dryer system. Its structural shape directly affects the level of powder collection rate and plays an important role in the spray dryer. For the spray dryer system, the performance of the collector system of the cyclone laboratory micro spray dryer is often to be considered through actual operation observation and experimental results, so the most reliable way to buy a spray dryer is to test it in person. Only by comparison can there be discrimination. With a responsible professional attitude, Shanghai Haozhuang Company has provided a wide range of test spray services for many users. The results of the experiment have confirmed the high efficiency of the L-6000Y spray dryer, and have been recognized and praised by all test users.

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