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Skipping is a kind of aerobic exercise that can effectively burn fat, and skipping is a very good weight-loss stovepipe exercise. The stovepipe is to reduce fat, the exercise stovepipe is slow, but it is more scientific than a hunger strike for a month, it will burn a lot of fat, and will not rebound. Dieting and drug weight loss are quick, but it is at the cost of health. Targetedness can't be targeted at stovepipe, and it is easy to rebound. The chance of suffering from heart disease after rebound is greatly improved. Skipping rope loses a lot of weights, and different jumping methods have different weight loss results. If you have more fat on your thighs, would you like to know how to lose the fat on your thighs after skipping the ropes ? Here are three ways to learn the stovepipe to help you create the perfect sexy jade legs.

Stovepipe skipping method 1, high leg skipping

One leg is raised at a 90- degree angle, and the left and right legs are exchanged and jumped. The essential thing is to jump to the tip of the toes. If it is difficult to change the leg jump, the stovepipe can change the leg after the jump tempo after the jump.

   If you think it is appropriate to use high leg lift, with high-intensity training, the gluteus maximus will contract and prolong and expand. Because this has the effect of lifting the hips, but pay attention to the special situation of the feet landing, it has a very large impact on the lower limb joints. It is best to bring your ankles and warm up.

Small reminder: This method is not well-known as the weight loss of the body, and it is easy to cause damage to the knee joint.

Stovepipe skipping method 2, open leg skipping

After the feet are closed and jumped once, the feet are stretched outwards with force and waving the rope. When the rope turns back, the feet will close and jump again. Repeat this action to hone the thigh muscles.

Stovepipe skipping method three, one leg jump

Keep running, and skip the rope with one leg. After practicing, try to jump quickly, so that you can use the weight of the lychee on your legs.

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