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In the gray and brown color, the eyelids are grayish and the lower eyelids are brown eyeliner. The combination of 2 colors is the secret of a beautiful dress.

Cheeks: Put an orange foundation on your cheeks to increase your blood.

Lips: nude lipstick suppresses the red color of the lips, creating a cool beauty

Procedure 1. Apply the eye to the eye socket. The thick and thick painted gray, the double-painted gray eyeshadow , the color fades.

2. Draw the entire edge of the upper eyelid with an eyeliner. Lower your eyes and draw your eyes. Brown eyeliner, will be up and down, showing cute eyes.

3. The two lines overlap and the dark gray tightens the edges of the eyes. Holding the tip of the pen in a lump, the fine outline is the key.

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