"Second-child concept" supports Gaoquxing toys

"Second-child concept" supports Gaoquxing toys

The Third Plenary Session set the "Separate Second Child" policy and will gradually implement it, so that the "Second Child Concept" speculation broke out, but the stocks in the sector are divided, the "Infant Milk Powder" sector is adjusted back, and the toy sector continues to shine. The stock group toy (002575) pulled out three daily limit.

Toy stocks become the hype leader

In addition to toy stocks, the “Second Tire Concept” stocks also include Zhongshun Jierou, Helen Piano and other related industry stocks, while related dairy stocks and medical device stocks are in the process of adjustment, and the whole concept speculation is different. Some market participants have analyzed that adjusted stocks are likely to have the possibility of high shipments.

The hype surrounding the concept of national security has changed since last Wednesday, and the rise of the second-child concept stock was only late in the late Friday. Like the group toy, the performance of the morning was not warm, and the afternoon was higher, and finally the daily limit was closed in the last half hour.

It can be said that after the "Decision" of the Third Plenary Session was officially announced, the "Secondary Second Child Policy" was implemented, and the "Second Child Concept" speculation was at its peak. Until yesterday, including Qunxing Toys, Converse, Zhongshun Jierou, and Gaole shares were consecutive two "one" words daily limit, Helen piano, quantum high-tech and so on.

More than double the increase in hot money speculation

Wang Mingde, a researcher at Dongxing Securities, pointed out that the competition in the domestic toy market is becoming increasingly fierce. The high-end toys are controlled by foreign capital. The low-end toys are mainly small family workshops, and the large-scale enterprises mainly focus on the mid-market; the competition is becoming increasingly incandescent.

Based on the annual report of Qunxing Toys last year, Wang Mingde believes that this year the company is actively expanding the Russian-speaking countries in terms of exports, actively adjusting products in the domestic market, integrating upstream, vigorously developing high-tech toys, and expanding new channels. It will be better than last year, the gross profit margin will pick up quarter by quarter, and 2013 will be positioned as the company's "starting year", and the performance will enter a new round of accelerated growth. It is estimated that the company's earnings per share for 2013-2015 will be 0.39 yuan, 0.48 yuan, and 0.58 yuan respectively. Maintain a “strongly recommended” investment rating.

Driven by the “second child concept”, the stock performed well in the third quarter, with the biggest increase more than doubled. After the continuous daily limit of the last three trading days, it closed at 11.30 yuan yesterday, and the stock price has returned to the highest level in early October.

The results of the five dragons and tigers since the end of June have not seen the institutional seats appear on the trading list. It can be seen that the doubling of the market should be the result of the hot money of the hot money. The last three daily limit should be this. The continuation of a variety of hype.

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