With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's requirements are constantly changing for range hoods ! With the spirit of grinding a sword for ten years, Sakura Kitchen continues to develop more advanced models that lead the new trend of kitchen life in the future. This year's new hatchback, elegant champagne paint, beautiful and stylish coke hood SCR-3671G turned out. Paired with a modern kitchen. Then follow the small series to see this cherry blossom range hood SCR-3671G.

First of all, the second generation of the hood is based on the concept of kitchen and electric, and its new hatchback shape avoids the need to meet the cooking process, make it more comfortable to operate, and effectively gather the fumes. Streamlined body, fresh and elegant in appearance, meets the needs of modern kitchens, and outlines the aesthetics of modern kitchens. The surface is treated with high-quality gray electroplating silver, and the body adopts a new two-coating and two-baked process, which is shiny and elegant, reflecting the high-grade taste.

Its digital display interface uses capacitive buttons, anti-static, anti-misoperation, strong and weak two-speed speed control to meet different needs, touch more assured, save trouble. At the same time, it also adopts a waterproof tact switch, so that it is not afraid of hand wetness and touch, so that everyone can control it handily.

Its new LED lamp, light and even light, good heat dissipation, energy saving, life expectancy of 300,000-50,000 hours; no infrared and ultraviolet radiation in the spectrum, can enjoy green fashion life for a long time.

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