With the continuous improvement of materials and processing technology, plastic flexible packaging is playing an increasingly important role in many fields. Its share in the market is increasing, especially composite plastic flexible packaging, which has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other fields, and the current green plastic flexible packaging film has become one of the important development trends.

The development trend of plastic flexible packaging film is very obvious. Small-scale and poor-quality enterprises have basically withdrawn from the market. Therefore, many enterprises are accelerating the pace of large-scale production in combination with product structure adjustment. Overall, China's flexible packaging industry has formed its own basic industrial chain. Moreover, high value-added products are emerging one after another, such as BOPP heat-shrinkable film, antistatic film, high-definition film, cooking-resistant film, transfer film, high-gloss film, ultra-thin film and synthetic paper, etc. have gradually realized industrialization.
The green development path of flexible packaging BOPP plastic film is a very important flexible packaging material. BOPP plastic film is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency. Sex. But there are also problems such as easy to accumulate static electricity, no heat sealability, difficult recycling, and easy pollution.
Based on the original emphasis on quality and efficiency, China's flexible packaging industry pays more attention to energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and safety. Therefore, we must pay attention to strengthening technology to solve the problem of BOPP plastic film easy to be polluted. If plastic flexible packaging is to make great progress, it is necessary to improve production technology and reduce the use of raw materials.
The meaning of green packaging is not only to protect the environment, but also to have the meaning of resource regeneration. Therefore, enterprises should try to use the same material, separable and coexisting materials in packaging design, and tend to use materials with simple structure and easy to recycle.

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