1. Temperature in the box: The xenon lamp weather resistance test box should be controlled according to the specified test procedures. The relevant specifications should be based on the intended use of the equipment or component. The temperature to be reached during the irradiation stage is ﹢ 40 ℃ or ﹢ 55 ℃.

2. Humidity: Under different humidity conditions, the photochemical degradation effects of various materials, paints and plastics vary greatly, and their requirements on humidity conditions are different from each other, so the specific humidity conditions should be clearly specified by the relevant regulations .

3. Surface pollution: Dust and other surface pollutants will seriously change the absorption characteristics of the surface of the illuminated object. Unless otherwise specified, the cleanliness of the test sample should be ensured during the test.

4. Ozone and other polluting gases: the ozone generated by the xenon lamp weather resistance test box under the short-wave ultraviolet radiation of the light source can usually be discharged out of the box through a radiation filter that corrects the spectral energy distribution. Ozone and other polluting gases will affect The deterioration process of certain materials must be discharged out of the box unless otherwise specified in the relevant specifications.

5. Airflow speed: In addition to affecting the temperature rise of the sample, the airflow speed near the surface of the sample can also cause significant errors in the open temperature stack that monitors the radiation intensity. Generally, the speed of 1m / s causes the temperature rise of the thermopile to decrease by more than 20%. It can be seen that while effectively controlling the temperature or humidity conditions in the box, the airflow speed should be monitored and the lowest speed should be used as much as possible. In addition, when adjusting the temperature inside the box, the high-speed airflow can be avoided by cooling the wall of the box.

6. Bracket and installation: The thermal characteristics and installation methods of various brackets will have a serious impact on the temperature rise of the test sample. This should be fully considered so that its heat transfer performance represents the typical actual use.


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