Going back two years, when talking about the relationship between the store's offline stores and online e-commerce, most people think that it is confrontation, competition and even death.
Today, two years later, both the furniture industry and ordinary consumers feel that both online and offline have their own advantages. Only by combining the two perfectly can they conform to the trend of the outdoor furniture e-commerce era. It will not lose the advantages and resources of the traditional outdoor furniture industry marketing channels to maximize profits.
Looking at the entire Chinese furniture industry, some online platforms have shifted their focus from online sales to interactive functions with offline stores, becoming an interactive platform for physical stores. Those big-name furniture companies, on the Internet, spare no effort to promote the over-purchasing price-performance ratio of their products and discount promotions, but also emphasize this point: we have a wired store, which can better support and guarantee consumers to buy furniture products. A series of supporting services before and after. This is related to the advantages that pure furniture e-commerce on the wired platform cannot have.
Obviously, for furniture and furniture stores, online sales are more a supplement to the offline, a new marketing tool. When these excellent enterprises with furniture stores realize the online and offline integration of O2O, they can have the right to create a wireless shopping environment.
At the same time, we should also realize that these furniture companies, whether they sell indoor furniture, outdoor furniture or building materials, they establish O2O purposes, not to hope that the sales will be brought online, but to cater to the younger generation of consumers. The habit of providing them with better and caring services, so that the offline virtual economy and offline entity transactions can be fully integrated. "

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