Since 2009, China's furniture industry park has been rapidly deployed, and there are more than 100 furniture industry parks with more than 300 acres nationwide. Yesterday, at the 9th China Home Furnishing Industry Summit held in Dongguan, experts said that there will be differentiation within the furniture industry next year. Some insiders have called for the furniture industry to “fire” and upgrade in the case of overcapacity. .

Yesterday, Tang Hongbo, a professor at Guangdong Finance College, pointed out that “the furniture industry is facing labor intensive, fierce competition and homogenization of products”. As land prices and labor costs rise, there will be differentiation within the furniture industry.

Since the beginning of this year, the home stores such as Red Star Macalline and B&Q have closed down, and the “home fur industry” seems to be getting colder. Xu Guofang, chairman of Dongguan Haomo Household Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said that the biggest reason for the winter of the home furnishing industry is that many capital investments in the past few years have resulted in overcapacity and excess business capacity, so furniture manufacturers feel that the market share has decreased. Xu Guofang called on the industry to "fire" and actively transform.

“2013 must be a period of great reshuffle and big turning in the industry.” Some people in the furniture industry bluntly said. In addition, furniture retailers said that dealers will first face shuffling.

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