11.JPG     There is a saying in China: " Women's forty tofu slag, forty men have a flower " , saying that a woman is worthless when she is forty years old, and a man forty is just beginning in spring, but wants to be a " flower " You still have to look at the hardware conditions of your body.

1 , " Smart and thorough "

     According to the survey, more than 70% of 30 -year-old men do not know why the hair loss is; 10% think it is excessive oil secretion; 10% think it is genetic; 10% think it is tired. In fact, hair loss accounts for the largest proportion of depressed men, so it is said that you must keep your mood happy, your mood is good, and your hair is naturally flourishing.

2 , the eyes are weak

     Forty men have a successful career, but the price is also heavy. Dry eye syndrome has already waited for them.

From a medical point of view, looking at the computer, the number of blinks will be reduced invisibly, from 20 to 25 times per minute , to 5 to 10 times, also reducing the secretion of tears. This can lead to eye discomfort and even eye disease. Therefore, the business is successful, " electric eye " can still be very important, and must be well maintained.

    3 , that busy and fragile heart

     Regardless of the investigation or clinical practice, the incidence of male heart disease is definitely higher than that of women, and the sudden death of heart disease is more male than female.

     Experts suggest that the heart is a whole body power system. Therefore, the ECG must be checked every year. It can screen out most heart diseases and eliminate hidden dangers.

     4 , the lungs seem a bit " black "

     Start coughing? Is the tooth yellow? Don't ignore such obvious signs of lung disease! Smoking, breathing and polluted air will increase the workload of the lungs. If the load is not enough, it will be sent to the hospital. So, if you want to refresh your mind, don't smoke any more, walk out of the office, go out and turn around, wake up.

     5 , beer belly, for many years

     Now most of the forty-year-old man has already had a big belly. Experts remind that high-risk groups of fatty liver, high blood pressure, high blood lipids and other diseases are fat people. If you still want to keep your youth, spend the same day, be sure to say no to the beer belly.

    6 , cold and cold

     Men are indifferent, mostly because of excessive mental stress, and fatigue causes the body to be " weak . "

The best prescription is rest, a good rest, will make the brain re-excited. Secondly, one hour a day of aerobic exercise, the body cells will re-gain energy, get plenty of physical strength.

    7 , the stomach of a man

     Forty-something men may have gastritis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, stomach bleeding, etc. Symptoms include stomach discomfort, pain, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and so on. Men of this age have already eaten all the delicacies of the sea, and the picky taste has already formed. The big and small problems in the stomach have also begun to become old problems.

     Stomach disease has always been a relatively stubborn disease, it is difficult to cure, only diet, plus a small dose of adjuvant medication. A forty-year-old man can never overeating and ignoring his stomach.

8 , suffering from aging diseases

     It sounds like a backache seems to be a problem for the elderly, but now men in their forties may have this symptom. If you are engaged in standing work, if you sleep very badly, such as sleeping in a small sofa, you may be hurt by your back.

     You can do some small exercise exercises at the beginning, such as stretching exercises and lightweight weightlifting. You can also ask the massager to do a back massage. If it is more serious, consider taking medicine.

    9 , fat more than muscle

     If a man lacks muscle explosiveness and endurance, it will make people feel weak or not bloated. Therefore, if you want to be a man with " man's forty-one flowers " , it is very important to be handsome and strong.

     Experts suggest that to understand the state of existing muscles, determine fitness goals, and ask a personal trainer to design a complete training program. Then, it is to persist, persist, and persist.



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