On August 27th, the Xuzhou Municipal Government issued the “Implementation Plan for Power Consumption Control in Xuzhou City,” and fully implemented planned electricity use, of which 1,418 high-energy-consuming enterprises were regulated and restricted. From now on, the city’s special inspection team will also go to the six counties and Jiawang District to inspect the enterprises to implement the power restriction measures.

In recent years, local governments have also guided these companies to engage in technological transformation and have made considerable efforts in energy conservation and emission reduction. However, as people have increased their environmental requirements, the state has stepped up the management of backward production capacity, and these enterprises have been classified as remediation. Listed.

How to develop and how to break through these bottlenecks, the Mapog Glass Science and Technology Industrial Park must clearly understand that if the company does not survive technological transformation, it will be unable to survive, and its consciousness will lag behind, and it will have to be eliminated. The purpose of our company's economic value creation is to improve the quality of life. Without a good living environment, the quality of life cannot be improved. These problems are problems that our entire society must solve.

Ironmaking, cement, glass, papermaking and textile industries have made some achievements for the local economy in the history of Xuzhou. However, high energy consumption, low added value, and environmental pollution have also caused headaches for local governments.

With the further improvement of the living environment, the human consciousness of subsistence has been further strengthened. The backward economic structure of these production capacities has gradually reached the point where they are eliminated. How to resolve the contradiction between these local enterprises and the economic structure and guide enterprises to the fields of high technological content and green energy conservation On August 31st, the municipal party committee took the lead, and the leaders of the industrial layers of the counties and cities gathered together to offer suggestions and suggestions and jointly explore development strategies.

Mapo Glass Science and Technology Industrial Park has dozens of glass bottle container production plants, and has nearly 10,000 people working in nearby villages and towns. It is also the main source of industrial tax revenue in Mapozhen.

Kilns that produce glass bottles, unlike other industries, cannot stop. Even after a power failure, they must generate electricity to heat the furnace to ensure that the glass frit fluid in the furnace slowly melts to prevent the temperature of the furnace from decreasing. Solidification hardening of the liquid, so that the entire melting tank of the furnace may be scrapped, a great loss.

A kiln that produces glass bottles has a service life of less than 3 years. If the kiln is operating normally, if it is powered off for a long period of time (more than 3-5 days), it will have a big impact on its life, so many glasses Bottle manufacturers are equipped with large power generators, even if the general kiln after the power is not possible normal production, can only maintain the insulation of the furnace.

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