Books in recent years The printing market continued to be sluggish. Although the total market volume still increased, unfavorable factors such as overcapacity, falling wages and strong e-books made the book printing market difficult. As a book printing enterprise with textbooks, teaching aids, journals and advertisements as the main products, Hu Jianxiang, the former chairman of Beijing Printing, believes that: “The profit margin of book printing has become smaller and smaller, and it is difficult to find a way out. New directions for development. "Where is the direction? This has become the first issue to be considered by the Beijing government. Hu Jianxiang believes: "According to our understanding, about 60% of the books in the publishing house will be gradually short-formed, and the number is very impressive. With the increasing maturity of digital printing technology , the prospect of publishing on-demand printing is very broad." So, Jingshi India has taken steps to enter the field of on-demand publishing and printing.

Next, Jingshi Printing should purchase printing equipment for on-demand printing, and high-speed inkjet printing equipment entered the line of Jingshi Printing. "High-speed inkjet printing is a revolution for traditional printing, especially in the current technology, high-speed inkjet printing equipment fully meets the demand for on-demand publishing and printing." Huang Boquan, deputy general manager of Beijing Shiban. In terms of specific brands and models, Hu Jianxiang believes that, given that the domestic on-demand publishing market is still in its infancy and has not reached its climax, it should choose a high speed that meets both production capacity and printing quality requirements and has a high cost performance. Inkjet printing equipment. Therefore, in many high-speed inkjet printing equipment, Jingshi Printing finally chose the Founder Eagle P5000 high-speed inkjet printer, and proposed the "to create the largest inkjet on-demand publishing and printing production base in the North".

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