The third batch of instruments purchased from our company by Wuqiao Experimental Station of China Agricultural University has arrived and delivered for use. Prior to this, the unit has purchased two batches of experimental instruments and equipment from our company and they have been delivered for use and are operating well.

Wuqiao Experimental Station is a national and provincial scientific and technological research experimental base jointly hosted by China Agricultural University, China Agricultural University, Cangzhou City Science and Technology Bureau, and Wuqiao County Government. Important off-campus experiment base. For more than 20 years, the experimental station has achieved a number of important scientific and technological achievements as a scientific and technological research base; as a teaching and talent cultivation base, it has cultivated a group of scientific and technological talents for the inside and outside of the school; Local economic development and farmers' income have made positive contributions, benefiting thousands of households in Wuqiao County. Professor Wang Shuan and Professor Lan Linwang, the original moderators of the test area, were also commended by the State Council and received by the national leaders. The achievements of the Wuqiao Experimental Station have had a huge impact in the country, and many national leaders have come to inspect.

Since the establishment of the station in 1983, with the care and support of leaders at all levels, the conditions of the experimental station have continued to improve. The management area of ​​the experimental station covers an area of ​​10 acres. There is an experimental building, a simple meteorological observation field and a rainproof shed. It has plants, soil, water detection, analysis, analysis and other instruments and computers, which can basically meet the experimental research and scientific personnel. Accommodation and living conditions. Scientific research and demonstration are combined with peasant households, and there are more than 80 long-term scientific and technological experimental demonstration households. The central area of ​​the Wuqiao pilot area covers more than 600 hectares, and the research results radiate through the Wuqiao demonstration area to the lower plain area of ​​the lower reaches of Heilonggang. Researchers from different disciplines such as agronomy, plant nutrition, soil, breeding, fruit trees, meteorology, animal nutrition, agricultural economy, and farmland water conservancy have conducted scientific research at the Wuqiao Experimental Station.

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