Detection range: 96T 1.5 ng/L - 48ng/L Purpose of use: This kit is used to determine the content of respiratory syncytial virus antigen (RSV Ag) in human serum, plasma and related liquid samples. Experimental principle This kit uses the double antibody sandwich method to determine the level of human respiratory syncytial virus antigen (RSV Ag) in the specimen. The microplate is coated with the purified antibody to prepare a solid phase antibody, and the respiratory syncytial virus antigen (RSV Ag) is sequentially added to the microcapsule of the coated monoclonal antibody, and then combined with the HRP-labeled antibody to form an antibody-antigen-enzyme. The standard antibody complex was thoroughly washed and then added to the substrate TMB for color development. TMB is converted to blue under the catalysis of HRP enzyme and converted to the final yellow color by the action of an acid. The color depth is positively correlated with the respiratory syncytial virus antigen (RSV Ag) in the sample. The absorbance (OD value) was measured with a microplate reader at a wavelength of 450 nm, and the concentration of human respiratory syncytial virus antigen (RSV Ag) in the sample was calculated from a standard curve. Kit Composition 1 30 times concentrated washing solution 20ml × 1 bottle 7 Stop solution 6ml × 1 bottle 2 Enzyme standard reagent 6ml × 1 bottle 8 standard product (96 ng / L) 0.5ml × 1 bottle 3 enzyme label coating plate 12 holes ×8 9 standard dilutions 1.5ml × 1 bottle 4 sample dilution 6ml × 1 bottle 10 instructions 1 part 5 color reagent A liquid 6ml × 1 bottle 11 sealing film 2 sheets 6 coloring agent B liquid 6ml × 1 / bottle 12 sealed bag 1

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