The low-carbon economy is both a product of the post-crisis era and a necessity and opportunity for human sustainable development in the economic context. Low-carbon development is the need to reduce energy consumption, meet the needs of new technological revolutions and industrial upgrading, and is an inevitable choice for China to realize its scientific development strategy, and will also change the pattern of the flooring industry. Developing a low-carbon economy involves not only changes in production and lifestyle, but also changes in people's developmental ideas and the habits and ways of thinking that change people's lives.

In the past decades of reform and opening up, with the development of social productivity, China's flooring industry has experienced a leap-forward change. However, due to the shortage of forest resources and rising raw material prices, China's flooring industry has been developing in the process of continuous adjustment in recent years. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the rapid pull of the real estate industry, it has brought huge business opportunities to the flooring industry and the decoration and decoration industry, showing a booming trend.

At the 13th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People's Congress held on February 24, 2010, the relevant state authorities proposed to incorporate the green economy and low-carbon economic development concepts and related development goals into the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and related In the industrial development plan, then, in the environment of carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection, how will the floor industry structure change?

Solid wood flooring is difficult to continue natural environmental protection ace

Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood as a substrate, which is formed by drying, forming, boring, sanding, sanding, coloring (complementing), painting, drying and packaging of floor slabs.

Advantages: natural, beautiful, healthy, heavy, good foot feeling, durable, refurbished, etc.

Disadvantages: high price (300 yuan / square meter or more), not wear-resistant, easy to deform, inconvenient to install (erect keel, high cost, compressed indoor space height), the use of solid wood flooring damage to forest resources, is not conducive to the ecological environment Protection and so on.

The growth period of raw materials for solid wood flooring is generally 50 years or even longer. This makes wood loss, too dependent on resources and energy. Low carbon must become a catalyst for industry reshuffle, which is naturally a breakthrough in the change of industry pattern. According to the data, 5 cubic meters of logs are required to produce 1 cubic meter of solid wood flooring. If 1 cubic meter of solid wood flooring is recycled, plus energy consumption during mining and transportation, it can at least reduce the equivalent of cutting 10 Carbon emissions from cubic logs of forest logs. This shows that the energy saving and emission reduction of the home building materials industry has a long way to go. How to achieve green environmental protection, low carbon emissions, sustainable development, and improve the social image of home building materials enterprises, this is our company will face more social responsibilities and challenges in the future, but also a strong guarantee of market share.

Reinforced laminate flooring is difficult to unify

The composite floor is formed by laminating a multi-layer veneer blank to form a multi-layer plywood, and then veneering the veneer, then slab forming, boring, sanding, sanding, color matching (painting), lacquering (with Solid wood flooring is the same), drying, packaging and other processes to form solid wood composite flooring. The multi-layer solid wood floor structure is classified according to the thickness of the solid wood skin.

Advantages: In addition to the natural, beautiful, environmentally friendly, healthy, heavy, and good foot feel of solid wood flooring, it is not deformed, suitable for floor heating installation, which is conducive to forest resource conservation.

Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, limited color, contains a certain amount of formaldehyde.

In the few years since the laminate flooring was first introduced to the market, he has all the surface shapes of solid wood flooring, and compared with the low price of solid wood flooring, Jiangshan, who once dominated the flooring industry, has a large market share. Under the national policy of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection this year, the market has entered a semi-dormant state, and the market is no longer able to dominate the country.

Bamboo flooring main foreign trade brand

In terms of comfort, bamboo flooring should be given priority. It can be said to be warm in winter and cool in summer. This is mainly due to the low thermal conductivity of bamboo, which allows people to walk barefoot comfortably no matter what season, which is unmatched by solid wood flooring and composite flooring.

In terms of stability, bamboo flooring shrinks and expands less than solid wood flooring. However, the shortcomings of bamboo flooring in actual durability are also obvious. First, it is prone to delamination due to the influence of sun and humidity. In the south, bamboo flooring is prone to locusts, which affects the service life of the floor.

Compared with the environmental health of home, bamboo flooring and laminate flooring use a lot of adhesives in processing, and some contain harmful gases, especially for children.

Because bamboo's ability to regenerate is stronger than trees, on the one hand, it advocates energy conservation, on the other hand, the western European developed countries that pursue environmental protection have always occupied a certain market share for bamboo flooring in recent years.

Stone-wood flooring has sprung up and quickly seized the market

Recently, a new type of floor appeared on the market, which is composed of heavy calcium carbonate and plant powder. After high temperature polymerization, it changes the properties of the polymer and is extruded by high-precision equipment. The main substrate is mainly heavy calcium carbonate. The surface is produced by various special techniques of thermal transfer printing, and then it is environmentally friendly and wear-resistant. It is a high-tech new stone-wood floor used for decoration, which is better than wood.

The three resemblances of the stone floor and the three are not destined to seize a large share of the flooring industry market. The surface looks like a wooden floor. It has the characteristics of the wooden floor, but it also solves the defect that the wooden floor is afraid of water; the back looks like a plastic buckle. The board solves the defect that the wooden floor is afraid of fire; the side looks like a tile, but it solves the defect of the fragile tile.

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