How to print on a smooth metal surface?

Available for lithography, screen printing, or pad printing, except for high-temperature metal baking or UV inks.

  • Supreme Quality German Stainless Steel Blades with Plastic Handle Manicure Scissors
  • Different Style Small Scissors can be used for Facial,Eye Brow and Cuticles.
  • Beautiful satin finished, Eyebrow Scissors with comfortably rounded plastic handles and extra sharp curved blades for smooth cutting action.
  • Perfectly aligned, precise and long lasting cutting blades. They resist rust, staining and corrosion and are super-easy to keep clean and sanitized. These scissors are durable and will last!
  • New style beauty scissors with a plastic comb on the tip,useful for eyebrow trimming.Plastic Handle Manicure Scissors

Plastic Handle Manicure Scissors

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