There are many brands of refrigerators on the market today, and the most popular ones are Panasonic refrigerators. With its brand effect, Panasonic refrigerators have gained wide attention and universal recognition from consumers. So how about the Panasonic refrigerator ? Is the Panasonic refrigerator good ? Let's take a look at the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian.


Is the Panasonic refrigerator good?

Panasonic is Matsushita Electric refrigerator (China) Limited's products, Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, owned and implemented in 2002, is primarily responsible for household appliances, systems, environments, components, medical equipment and other goods Sales and after-sales service activities. As an investment company in China , Matsushita Electric ( China ) Co., Ltd. is also responsible for the development and support activities of personnel training, finance, legal affairs, environmental protection, and intellectual property. In January 2012, Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd. merged with the Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd., to further expand the business scope. Panasonic refrigerators are divided into imported series, air-cooled series and direct cooling series.


How about Panasonic refrigerator ?

1. Panasonic refrigerator has intelligent frequency conversion preservation system. Frequency conversion is the most advanced in refrigeration technology. The Panasonic refrigerator intelligent computer control system monitors the temperature fluctuations of the four areas of the refrigerator, the freezer, the greenhouse ( or high-preservation room ) and the external environment of the refrigerator 24 hours a day to ensure the temperature inside the refrigerator. The temperature in the three different temperature zones is always stable.

2 , Panasonic refrigerator triple preservation device, double the preservation effect as a new generation of Panasonic preservation technology, the preservation effect is up to 2 times higher than the materials used in the past .

3 , Panasonic refrigerator automatic ice making system. Ice ready to meet the need, the amount of ice storage box standing around the ice bank 90 can be self-cleaning water supply line to ensure that the ice is always clean and hygienic.

4 , Panasonic refrigerator double cold system, no frost and fresh. Through the fan in the library, the air is blown to every corner, so that the food is kept for a long time, reducing the loss of nutrition and taste.

5 , start ECONAVI energy-saving navigation function, 3 sensors, sense the change of ambient light around the refrigerator, remember the frequency of the refrigerator door and the freezer door, learn and record the user's refrigerator habits, under the premise of maintaining the necessary temperature, Reasonably control the intelligent operation status of the refrigerator. Optimized resource allocation, saving effort and worry.

The above is what Xiaobian brought to you. How about Panasonic refrigerator ? Is the Panasonic refrigerator good? I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of Panasonic refrigerator after reading this article . If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel !

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