[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of people's living standards, the cloakroom has experienced a process from scratch, and now it is gradually entering the process from good to good. I believe that in the near future, the cloakroom will become an indispensable part of the family like other furniture.

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Home improvement master teaches you how to design a perfect cloakroom

In general, reasonable storage arrangements and spacious dressing spaces are the overall design principles of the cloakroom. The cloakroom can be fully configured by the furniture manufacturer or it can be designed with the overall design of the room. In order to save space, the door is mostly designed to be push-pull. The inside wardrobe generally does not need to be a door, or the transparent glass is used as a dust-proof door, so that it is convenient to see at the time of dressing. In general, the area of ​​the cloakroom should be more than 4 square meters. It is guaranteed to give the owner plenty of room for activities.

The interior of the cloakroom is also divided according to the type of clothing, generally in the hanging area, the stacking area, the underwear area, the footwear area and the bedding area. It should be noted that for the independent cloakroom, the lighting, color and other elements should be arranged reasonably in order to integrate into the overall style of the interior and maintain its own unique atmosphere. At present, many people's cloakrooms are mostly transformed from low-utility rooms, which requires more professional advice from designers. Professionals suggest that it is best to consider the cloakroom as a specific space before the home is installed, and then design according to the overall lighting, color and material. In addition to some basic cabinets, the furniture placed in the cloakroom can also introduce some new hardware such as hangers, tie racks, hanging hooks and built-in tilting shoe racks. Rotary hangers are popular in China in recent years. It not only saves space, but also has a large amount of deposits, which is two to three times that of traditional cloakrooms.

Designing the cloakroom or dressing room should take into account the characteristics and placement of the individual's clothing. Consider the following points:

1. Divide the clothes into three categories, depending on the distance of the space. The entrance to the locker room is convenient for taking objects. You can put underwear, socks, purses, ties, shoes and other small items here.

2, in the middle of the locker room can be placed in suits, coats, coats, shirts, trousers, skirts and other clothes, and according to the length of the pants, the upper and lower rails are hung.

3, the space below can be designed drawers, laminates, folding T-shirts, sweaters and so on.

4, the innermost part of the locker room can leave a large space to accommodate seasonal bedding, luggage and large and often used items.

5. If it is a turn-type cloakroom, it is possible to use a rotating hanging frame, which is divided into two upper and lower layers and hangs in a rotating manner.

6. As long as you prepare a hook bar, the clothes that are hung up can be easily removed, making full use of the space at the corner.

7. It is better to add a few projection lamps or recessed lights to the ceiling above the cloakroom to facilitate the identification of clothing when taking clothes. In addition, a large mirror is an essential cloakroom companion.

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