As the core of the environmental testing industry, the high and low temperature test chamber enterprises are the core of China's economic development. However, due to the impact of changes in the external competitive environment and the financial crisis, the development of domestic enterprises has added numerous variables. I have explored it because of the severe overcapacity, the impact of the financial crisis, and the lack of downstream demand, etc., so that the development of the high and low temperature test chamber industry can be described as "internal and external concerns." Under such circumstances, in order to raise prices, some domestic companies have begun to consider implementing advanced production and operation management models and systems to adapt to changes in the external competitive environment.

At present, China's leading high and low temperature test chamber enterprises have listed high technology and information technology as one of the measures to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and increase equipment prices. With the development of informatization becoming the focus of attention of enterprises, with the further acceleration of product structure adjustment, and the slow integration of high technology, this domestic enterprise provides a good opportunity. Moreover, the state has adopted positive and encouraging measures in the development of enterprise informatization, which has also greatly promoted the construction process of enterprise informatization and played a good role in raising the price of high and low temperature test chambers.

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Like a small brush, it is a single bundle of brush with a variety of shapes and models of size. The smaller interdental brush is usually inserted in the handle to facilitate the use of the brush. Interdental brush is a small Toothbrush specially designed for cleaning dental spaces (which can not be touched by ordinary toothbrushes). Each tooth has 5 surfaces (exsert), and the ordinary toothbrush can only be cleaned to three of them, and the remaining two surfaces need to be used in the dental brush; at present, the use of the interdental brush is a widely accepted method of removing dental plaque efficiently.
As a supplement to toothbrushes, the use of interdental brush every day is a simple and effective way to keep the gums and teeth clean and healthy. Cleaning with interdental brush can prevent gingival inflammation, dental caries and halitosis.

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