The health product bottle packaging, in our impression is always associated with high-grade thick material, exquisite appearance packaging design. Indeed, due to the marketing needs of health care products, the cost of packaging health supplement bottles will be much higher than that of ordinary packaging bottles. For health products bottle luxury packaging has always been criticized, but I do not want to discuss the luxury bottle packaging health products, the author believes that there is reasonable, the market for health products bottle luxury packaging needs, naturally have its reasons. The author wants to discuss what is lacking in health care bottle packaging and needs improvement.

First of all, the anti-counterfeiting of health products bottles needs to be improved. Because of the high profits of health products and the proliferation of various fake health care products, people are difficult to identify. There is little investment in anti-counterfeit packaging for health products bottles, which is urgently needed. Secondly, no matter how exquisite the health care product bottle is, it must ensure that its appearance does not affect the performance of the health care product, that is, it does not affect the various properties of the health care product. Finally, the most exquisite design of health products bottle must take into account the convenience of use, how to enable consumers to easily use health products bottle, which must also be improved.

In short, the health care bottle should pay attention to the appearance but also pay attention to itself.

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