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Four performance indicators of electronic balances: When you use electronic balances in gas field life, the first consideration is the stability of the balance, the sensitivity of the balance, the accuracy of the balance, and the invariance of the balance display value. The so-called stability refers to the stability of the balance accuracy; while the sensitivity refers to the response speed of the balance reading, in this respect, the electronic balance has a higher sensitivity than the mechanical balance; the correctness refers to the accuracy of its reading; the invariance is Refers to the stability of the balance reading, that is, the floating range of the balance reading. The smaller the floating range, the better the invariance.

1. Invariance of the display value of the electronic balance:

The invariance of the indication value of the electronic balance refers to the degree of consistency of the measurement results obtained when the balance measures the same object multiple times under the same conditions. For electronic balances, there is still the invariability of the balance indication, such as the control of the repeatability and reproducibility of the electronic balance, the control of the zero position and the zero return error of the electronic balance, and the electronic balance is in regulation Control of the drift of the electronic balance indication of time.

Second, the accuracy of the electronic balance:

The correctness of the electronic balance is the correctness of the balance display value, which represents the ability of the balance display value to be close to the true value; from the perspective of error, the correctness of the balance is the degree of the system error reflecting the balance display value.

3. The sensitivity of the electronic balance:

The sensitivity of the electronic balance is the ability of the balance to detect the amount of change in the mass of the object placed on the balance balance dial. The sensitivity of an electronic balance can be expressed by angular sensitivity, or line sensitivity, or index sensitivity, or digital (index) sensitivity. For electronic balances, it is mainly expressed by indexing sensitivity, or digital sensitivity. The smaller the amount of mass change that the balance can detect, the more sensitive the balance. It can be seen that for electronic balances, the sensitivity of the balance is still one of the important performances to judge the balance.

4. Stability of electronic balance:

The stability of electronic balances refers to the ability of balances to automatically return to their initial equilibrium position after being disturbed. For an electronic balance, its equilibrium position is always represented by the analog or digital indication. Therefore, once a certain instantaneous interference is applied to the electronic balance, although the indication value changes, but after the interference is eliminated, the balance Can return to the original indication, then we say that the electronic balance is stable. For an electronic balance, the stability of the balance is the primary judgment condition that the balance can be used, and an electronic balance that does not have the stability of the balance cannot be used at all.

Pile material:Chemical fiber
Pile height:6mm 12mm 18mm or Customized design
Roller Cover dia(mm):38mm.36mm.40mm
Size:4" 5" 7" 9" 10" or Customized design
Style:European style or American
Rod material:Zinc-coated or Chrome-coated
Rod dia(mm):6mm or 8mm
Handle material Plastic (PP) or Plastic(PP+TPR)
Handle color:Customized design
Usage:Home or industry

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