The three-layer solid oak in Shengda floor was specially created for the decorators in rural and rustic style. Idyllic country style is one of the favorite decoration styles of urban people. How does Shengda floor three-layer solid oak meet the people's needs? Let's take a look at the evaluation of three-layer solid oak in Shengda floor!

Evaluation Brand Shengda Flooring

Evaluation product: Shengda floor three-layer solid oak

Product specifications: 1860 × 190 × 15mm

Reference price: 858 yuan / ㎡

Product display of three-layer solid oak in Shengda floor:

Editor's impression: The three-layer solid oak of Shengda Floor has an approachable feeling. The clear wood grain makes people feel very natural and friendly. The floor is obviously divided into three layers, very thick, the surface feels even and delicate, and has the feeling of touching the bark. The editor also leaned closer to the floor and smelled a light bark fragrance.

Product specifications: 1860 * 190 * 15, surface layer thickness 4mm.

Surface tree species: oak wood, tube-shaped African Neem.

Advantages of Shengda floor three-layer solid oak

The three layers of solid oak in Shengda Floor are bonded in a crisscross pattern according to the upper, middle and lower layers, that is, the bottom layer is vertically distributed, the middle layer is horizontally distributed, and the surface layer is vertically distributed. It is convenient for the expansion of the panel and the bottom plate to avoid the cracking of the panel. The three layers of face, core and bottom are mutually restrained and easy to release stress. Therefore, compared with solid wood flooring, three-layer solid wood composite flooring is less prone to bulging, deformation, cracking, higher stability, and stronger heat resistance.

Compared with multi-layer solid wood composite floor, Shengda three-layer solid oak has less glue and higher environmental protection performance. Multi-layer solid wood composite floor is difficult to lock, so the former is easier to pave and it is easier to ensure the effect.

The surface layer of the three-layer solid wood composite floor also has "three spells, double spells and single spells". "Three spells" means that the same board is spliced ​​together by three boards to form a layered change in overall color. Single fight is a way of a board, also known as a single frame.

Hand touch evaluation of three-layer solid oak in Shengda floor

The three-layer solid oak wood of Shengda Floor is obviously divided into three layers, which are very thick, the surface feels even and delicate, and has the feeling of touching the bark.

Three-layer solid oak wood material evaluation of Shengda floor

Oak wood is hard and heavy, with high strength, dense structure, wear resistance, rough texture, obvious wood rays, beautiful texture and high value.

Shengda floor three-layer solid oak, the surface layer is made of 4mm high-quality precious hardwood wood board, such as oak, pineapple grid, teak, etc., and coated with German "Gianfu" wear-resistant paint, the floor is not only very Decorative, but also has high hardness and wear resistance.

The core layer is poplar, pine and other soft wood planks, which greatly increases the comfort of the feet; the bottom plate is a rotary-cut veneer of poplar, pine and other wood as a balancing layer. The three-layer criss-cross golden structure ensures that the floor has extremely strong stability and excellent environmental protection.

Shengda floor three-layer solid oak wood detail

The large lock technology makes the floor more tightly combined, the moisture resistance is more superior, the overall effect of the floor is more coherent, atmospheric, and the visual is very beautiful.

The splicing part of each plate is very close, the floor pavement effect is very integrated, and it is more difficult to hide dirt and dirt between the corners, which is convenient for easy care. Its advantage is that there is also a wear-resistant layer in the slot, which is molded in one time.

Shengda floor three-layer solid oak wood waterproof test

Pour water on the joint of the floor. After five minutes, open the floor without water penetration. Shengda Floor This three-layer solid oak floor is very easy to care for, with strong water resistance and wear resistance. Usually you can feel a new look by wiping with a rag.

Editor's summary: The three-layer solid oak oak wood floor evaluation is here. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the information on this website, or go to this website mall to find more favorite products!

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