Elmer glue has become an iconic brand, and in the course of more than 60 years of development, it has undergone several changes. Over the years, this white glue produced by Columbus Elmer Products Co., Ltd. has encountered competition from other glue manufacturers. They appeared on the shelves of major retail stores with the same color packaging as Elmer glue, and squeezed in similar transparent plastic bottles. Press on the label with the same color. This drastically reduced the sales of Elmer's glue. Therefore, it is imminent to change the packaging of Elmer's glue bottles.

In order to improve the appearance of Elmer's glues, such as wood glue, dyeable glue, waterproof glue and carpentry glue, Elmer invited TricorBraun to help redesign the outer packaging of glue bottles. The new packaging scheme designed by David Snyder, the design director of TricorBraun, retained some of the original elements and styles of the original packaging, while at the same time instilling some new vitality. He explained that "the idiomatic elements have its value, but Elmer needs a complete change of product packaging and a new brand identity, so we decided to create an eye-catching glue bottle, a unique shape of the glue bottle and Colors make our products stand out on the shelves.
Considering that many Elmer competitors use natural PE bottles for packaging glue, Elmer uses shrink film labels covering the entire PE bottles and uses Elmer's proprietary deep blue color to make a base. This not only avoids other manufacturers from using similar color packaging. , but also injected more vitality into the new packaging design. The eye-catching bright orange bottle cap and the dark blue sleeve label make this glue bottle stand out on the shelves of the store, it is easy to find, and it is fresh and memorable.
Given the varying sizes of plastic bottles in different shapes, Elmer and TricorBraun chose a high-density PE glue bottle with an off-center bottleneck. This offset glue bottle design not only renewed the appearance of the product, but also It also improves the way the glue is applied. A sloping plate is embedded in the bottle shoulder (or bottle top) and becomes a highlight of the entire outer package.
The top of each sleeve is decorated with an eye-catching orange, commensurate with the color of the bottle top control dose seal cap. “When the new bottles are brought together with Elmer's other glue bottles, they will present their own POP style.” Snyder added. This bottle is produced by Matrix Packaging Co., Ltd. The company is also responsible for applying shrink sleeves to glue bottles. Sets of labels that are both prominent and glossy are manufactured by Fort Dearborn.

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