System Overview:

School TV full media interactive performance system (Future Media). All-media, non-linear, strong interaction, adopting IP-based new media interactive performance technology, integrating various media methods, opening up various information presentation resources, and creating an all-media program that meets the requirements of TV broadcasting and online interactive communication The production and broadcast process is directly reflected in the live broadcast and recording, and the TV broadcast and the network are organically unified.

Product Features:

l Massive materials in the cloud: massive cloud TV materials, fragmented storage, supporting various material formats such as videos, texts, pictures, web pages, etc., can be easily selected in the office.

l Precise index guide selection: Keyword index all relevant materials, accurate to each frame of the screen, select the content you need, can be quickly applied to the presentation and interpretation of the broadcast.

l Central platform management: centralized management, the content after the guide enters the central platform, download directly from the cloud, and push it to the studio. Data backup can be quickly restored, which is convenient for the management of studio materials and safer.

l Diversified applications: The selected material content can be displayed through various front-end presentation templates, which is convenient for broadcast application according to the program flow.

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