White smooth and delicate skin is the pursuit of every beautiful woman. Six easy-to-use methods save you from the complicated skincare process, but they also keep you white and moving.

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Rough skin

After doing facial cleansing work every night before going to bed, mix with vinegar: glycerin = 5:1, apply to the face and neck, you can sleep overnight, or wash with water after half an hour. Applying night cream to sleep, after about two weeks, the skin is obviously white and slippery.

Improve skin pigmentation

Soak 250 grams of walnut kernels in 500 grams of vinegar, seal the bottle mouth, drink it after 10 days, drink 2 tablespoons after meals every day, can improve the skin rough and dull, is a cheap and beneficial diet.

Fading facial stains

Soak 250 g of soybeans in 500 g of vinegar in the same way. It takes 15 days to seal the caps. After that, take 10 to 15 vinegar-soaked soybeans and chew after breakfast. It is very good for reducing facial stains. Efficacy, while reducing cholesterol and improving liver function.

Salt peeling

Because the salt of the salt is even and fine, it is easily dissolved after being exposed to water. If it is applied to the skin and massaged, it can effectively remove dirt and aging keratin on the face, and effectively maintain the skin without moisturizing. Therefore, it is natural skin care. Today, you can also use salt to make a natural scrub at home.

Tremella to fine lines

Eyes that are easy to long and fine lines can be tried. It is very useful. Use a white fungus to cook a little bit of water for an hour or so. It is best to knead it into a thick soup. Then apply it to your eyes. You can put it in the refrigerator if you can't use it. It will have a good effect after a long time.

Potato chips

Scrape the potato skin, then wash and cut into thick slices about 2 cm. Lie down, apply the potato chips to your eyes, wait about 5 minutes, then wash with water. Tips apply at night to help eliminate eye fatigue. Potatoes are better for larger ones because of the larger coverage. He is powdery and can be used to supplement the lack of eye.

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