For documents with poor printing quality, it is best to scan and obtain pictures in gray format in graphics processing software and then convert them into monochrome bitmaps for recognition. The recognition accuracy is much higher.

Usually everyone likes to scan in the recognition software when scanning and identifying, and directly obtain a monochrome bitmap for recognition. In fact, this efficiency is not high. Generally, the recognition software has almost no graphics processing capability. In order to obtain a satisfactory recognition effect, the brightness has to be adjusted several times to repeat the pre-scan, and the time required to scan each page is quite long. In addition, some recognition software will also exit the scanning program after each scan, and restarting the scanning program repeatedly will waste a lot of time.

Therefore, it is best to scan the image in grayscale format in the graphics processing software and then convert it into a monochrome bitmap for recognition. Although there is an additional process, the recognition accuracy is much higher. The author has been using HyperSnap DX for such work.

1. Run HyperSnap DX, press "Ctrl + A" to start the scanning program, and scan at 200dpi resolution, default brightness, contrast and "grayscale" mode.

2. Switch to the HyperSnap DX window, click on the menu bar "Color / Black and White ...", drag the black level slider in the middle of the pop-up "Convert to Black and White Image" window, you can immediately see the converted black and white image effect, When satisfied, click OK to complete the conversion. Then save the picture as a tiff format file, be careful not to close the program in order to modify it later.

3. Start the recognition software and click "File" to open the saved graphic for recognition. If the effect is not good, go back to the HyperSnap window and press the "Ctrl + Z" key to undo the settings just now, and then repeat the second step of work to make detailed adjustments, which is much faster than rescanning.

If you want to scan and identify a large number of pages of similar quality, it is not convenient to process each one in this way. At this time, you can follow the first step method to scan with standard brightness and contrast. Use HyperSnap DX to obtain the image and convert it into a monochrome bitmap. Then write down the "black level" value and refer to the value to set the brightness in the scanning program. Similar effects can be obtained. However, in order to maximize the recognition rate, it is better to set them one by one. Anyway, it is also very simple to adjust in HyperSnap DX. All you need to do is the three steps of image conversion, saving and opening, but the text is exchanged. Recognition efficiency has increased exponentially.

Tip: This method is especially suitable for high-recognition scanning recognition of some text materials with poor printing quality or long storage time.

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