Danone has re-launched a new packaging of Actimel 0.1%. Large Retail Flyers by Y&R TV Show

Maurie explained that Biondi, the Actimel marketing manager, had 0.1% of the Actimel campaign, which would involve 400 sales points for 160.000 leaflets, large retail stores and supermarket sales all in Italy. The product will also be marked in the air for television advertising campaigns for the entire April.

As long as 32 points, the breakfast's calorie is the new concept Actimel conveyed 0.1%, with a fat content of 0.1%, representing a simple version of the probiotic drink that helps strengthen the body's natural defenses. With this news, to consumers interested in low-calorie products, Danone sought to restart the already existing light product line, which is also due to a new software package created by the breakthrough agency.

The new package is already available on the shelves, and its new graphical layout is intended to highlight three versions of the product: white, strawberry and pineapple. The leaflets are welcome as discount tickets and focus on the concept of breakfast, presented in four different versions: Italian, traditional, summer and salty.

Actimel is a probiotic drink suitable for the whole family: In addition to fermenting in regular yoghurt, it contains the exclusive Lake Casseyi Imunitass enzyme, whose most unique property is the natural defense against external attack on the human body. Each Actimel bottle contains 100 million people and is active in the Lake Casseyi Imunitass enzyme.

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