1. Product introduction:

Humidity and heat aging test box, ie high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test box (programmable constant temperature and humidity test box), is suitable for various temperature and humidity environmental conditions such as various electronic components, photoelectric fiber, semiconductor lighting, instruments, instruments and raw materials, coatings It is the ideal test equipment for factories and mines and laboratories of scientific research institutes. The humid heat aging test box can not be used for flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive test.

Second, meet the standards:

Meet the standard GB10586-89 type II performance index, GB10589-89 performance index, GB11158-89 performance index and IEC68-2-30 and GB / T2423.4-93 test Db: alternating damp heat test method, IEC68-2-3 and GB /T2423.3-93 Test Ca: Constant damp heat test method, IEC68-2-1 and GB2423.1-89 test Ab / Ad: Low temperature test method, IEC68-2-2 and GB2423.3-89 test Bb / Bd: High temperature test method.

Three, daily maintenance and maintenance skills of damp heat aging test box:

(1) The whole machine:

The environment should be kept clean, and the studio should be kept clean. Before long-term storage, the overall machine should be cleaned completely. Dry the studio, let all the water tanks and sinks accumulate, and pay attention to dust and moisture during storage.

The electronic control system should be regularly dedusted, check all components of the control or execution system for looseness, card wiping, and the connection wires are firmly connected; after long-term storage, a safety check should be performed before use.

(2) Refrigeration system:

The test chamber should be managed and maintained by professionals familiar with low-temperature products. Always pay attention to the changes and operation of the refrigeration system. After finishing the high temperature test (≥60 ℃), when preparing for the low temperature test, the door should be opened first, and the low temperature test should be done after the temperature of the working room drops to near normal temperature.

(3) Humidification system

The humidification water supply system should be kept clean. After long-term use, the capillary hole of the water level device may be blocked by limescale and should be disassembled and dredged.

4. Maintenance guide for damp heat aging test box:

(1) Maintenance contact

If the product fails, it should be judged whether it is an operational failure. The method of judgment is to check it one by one according to the installation and use steps. Contact the relevant personnel for guidance.

(2) Alarm items of damp heat aging test box / constant temperature and humidity box

1. Overtemperature

This device has an independent over-temperature protection thermostat. The general problems with over-temperature alarms are:

(1) The over-temperature protection thermostat is set too low, which is an operable fault. Just set the over-temperature protection thermostat to higher, and the general factory setting is 155 ℃.

(2) The temperature value displayed by the instrument obviously exceeds the set control temperature value: it may be the breakdown of the temperature control element, the failure of the instrument or the failure of the control circuit, and you should find and replace it.

2. Overpressure

(1) Whether the pressure value set by the pressure controller is 1.8Mpa, if it is low, it must be adjusted.

(2) The condenser has poor heat exchange and should be cleaned.

(3) Other refrigeration system failures.

3. Water cut

Water cut-off means that the humidified water tank is short of water. The general problems are:

(1) For the first time to add water, the water level of the humidification tank is not yet in place.

(2) There is a blockage in the water supply pipeline, pay special attention to the water inlet of the humidifier water tank, just clear it;

(3) The setting of the water cut-off protection thermostat is low, it should be 110 ℃.

(3) Elimination of general faults

1. Heating system

The failure of the heating system is mainly manifested as over-temperature and non-heating. For over-temperature fault check, see four (two) 1; no-temperature check step: whether the temperature control setting of the instrument is correct-whether the blower is turned on ------ whether the heating switch is turned on ------ heating wire And whether the connection is open or disconnected-whether the components of the heating main circuit are damaged-whether the instrument is damaged.

2. Humidification system

The failure of the humidification system is mainly manifested as: water cutoff, excessive humidity display, high temperature exceeding the set value, and no humidification. See four (two) 3 for water cut inspection;

The humidity display is obviously high. Check the steps: whether the wet ball is damaged-whether the wet ball yarn belt is installed-whether the position of the tubular water tank is adjusted properly, the water in the high water tank overflows, and the water tank is too low Water, the correct position is that the water level of the sink is at the slot-whether the water supply pipeline is smooth.

If the humidity is higher than the set value, keep checking it: check whether the meter is set correctly-whether the solid-state relay breaks down-whether the meter is damaged.

Checking step without humidification: "Whether the water is cut off" --- whether the humidity control setting of the instrument is correct-whether the humidification switch is turned on ------ whether the heating pipe and connection of the humidifier are open or broken- ---- Whether the components of the heating tube circuit of the humidifier are damaged ------ The instrument is damaged.

3. Refrigeration system

The inspection of the refrigeration system should be carried out by professionals.

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