Often encountered plastic composite bags, although there are easy to tear mouth, but it is not open, many teeth are not good to tear open, what is the reason? Some people think that it is the wrong choice of composite inner film, such as the use of PE film with larger stretchability. Of course that is one of the reasons. But the underlying reason is due to the low strength of the composite. Try packing bags that are not loaded, and they will tear even if the inner film stretches. Only one-component adhesives with poor composite strength, composite composite films, or poor permeability-resistant inner films can be difficult to tear because of permeable delamination due to the penetration of the contents. This is the case, for example, in shampoos and baths in plastic bags used in hotels or bathing establishments. Therefore, if you want to solve the inconvenience of flexible packaging with easy tearing and tearing, you must choose the inner film according to the characteristics of the packaged goods, and also pay attention to the composite firmness!

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