In the eyes of many people, the bathroom seems to be a place that cannot be matched with wood, because the special humidity in the bathroom will accelerate the aging and decay of the wood, but the wood bathroom is unconsciously becoming a trend in decoration The texture and the water flow in the bathroom seem to be able to bring people back to the natural space deep in the forest, giving people a comfortable audio-visual experience.

After special anti-corrosion treatment, the wooden material can also last for a long time to deal with the interference of water vapor to avoid aging and deterioration. In modern decoration, there are many choices of sauna wood. It is also strong, whether it is the most concise white bathroom or a metal bathroom, it can bring a colorful visual effect with it.

The original wood bathroom space will also have dark and light colors. Generally, the wood bathroom has more choices of oak. The light wood highlights the simplicity of the bathroom. The dark wood creates a mysterious texture between the bathrooms, and it can also be more It brings people a feeling of being in the forest space.

Recommended Brand: Kohler Bathroom

Kohler Kitchen & Bath is well known in the industry for its "perfect combination of innovative design and excellent performance". Impeccable superior quality, industry-leading R & D technology, excellence in manufacturing technology, and fashion-forward art design have made the Kohler spirit a classic in the centuries-old heritage.

Kohler bathroom cabinet 2455

Imported pine solid wood materials combined with old surface treatments make the bathroom cabinets have a sense of original wood while also adding a story look. The moisture-proof materials and the unique modified PU coating on the surface make the bathroom cabinets very good. It is well protected from moisture and has excellent scratch resistance.

Recommended Brand: Hengjie Sanitary Ware

Guangdong Hengjie Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer. It has a series of production equipment such as Italy's leading SITI automatic tunnel kiln and Australia's universal automatic tunnel kiln. "Hengjie" products have dozens of independent patents, and the products have high technical content. It has established nearly 2,000 sales outlets all over the country.

Bathroom cabinet HGM5622

The brown-themed bathroom cabinet brings a calm atmosphere to the interior. The bright exterior lines are sharp and angular, showing a rigorous and deep texture. The solid wood material is matched with a symmetrical handle design, plus a symmetrical structure with the axis The bathroom mirror, the design echoes the whole, and also shows a fashionable atmosphere of modern aesthetics applied to the bathroom cabinet.

Recommended Brand: Dongpeng Sanitary Ware

In terms of low-carbon and environmental protection, Dongpeng Sanitary Ware has been committed to the development and production of green and low-carbon water-saving products, from the launch of a new generation of water-saving king series of 4 liters of water in 1994 to the Oscar series toilets with strong siphon performance and strong flush Each of the new technology's high-functional toilets represents the progress of green water-saving technology and promotes the rapid progress of the sanitary ware industry.

Dongpeng bathroom cabinet England JG0020751NQ

Just like the name of the England series products, the bathroom cabinet has an elegant and natural English style as a whole, and at the same time, based on practicality, it also shows a low-key elegance. The solid wood material of the wood color is paired with the white ceramic basin. With a clean texture, the large capacity of the bathroom cabinet as a whole facilitates daily storage. At the same time, the deepened and enlarged basin design also shows the effect of practical and beautiful advancement.

With the advancement of technology, the collocations that were difficult to realize in our perception have gradually entered our sights, and even become a trend. In recent years, the log style has begun to be sought after by more and more people, and they are used to modernization. The decoration and bright colors, in turn, are the closest choices to nature and become addictive.

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