Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the LNB brand artificial climate box, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable. The company has first-class technical staff and a good team of technicians, with advanced technology and strong development strength. Since the establishment of the company, products and services have been recognized by customers and have a good reputation. The company upholds "integrity. Professionalism. Innovation. Growth "The business philosophy provides elaborate service to customers.

Control: 1 The latest design dynamic constant temperature and constant humidity control system, the temperature and humidity of the entire range are accurately controlled, the best constant temperature fluctuation reaches ± 0.5 ℃, and the humidity fluctuation is less than ± 8% RH.

2 Arbitrarily programmed temperature, humidity and light program control to form a local microclimate environment. Long-term memory of block program data, the program operation is interrupted unexpectedly due to power failure or other reasons, and the program will continue to execute automatically after power is restored, fully ensuring the continuity of the experimental work.

3 Temperature and humidity correction, temperature sensor abnormal protection and alarm, high temperature protection and low temperature alarm, automatic recovery from power failure, program data memory

4 Touch-type high-brightness multi-function operation display panel, which clearly displays the cabinet temperature, humidity, light, program running data and other instrument working status, easy to operate.

Scope of application: microbial, tissue cell culture, seed germination, nursery and insect, small animal feeding, etc.

Equipment: 1 Specially designed air duct type circulation ventilation method to ensure uniform wind and temperature distribution inside the studio, and will not blow plant seedlings or blow off light and fine items. 2 Upright polygonal box structure, beautiful and elegant. The fully enclosed and 16-level arbitrarily adjustable three-sided lighting system ensures that the light intensity meets the experimental requirements and ensures that the light is not affected by external natural light. The unique light box design has good heat dissipation, reducing the impact of light on the temperature of the box body to a minimum. 3 Over-temperature protection, temperature sensor abnormal protection, automatic recovery after power failure, etc., absolutely guarantee the safety of the instrument and experiment. 4 Double-layer hollow glass door structure and polyurethane insulation layer ensure excellent absolute thermal insulation performance, good light transmittance, which is in line with the characteristics of beautiful, clean, convenient and practical. The movable shelf can adjust the storage space at will. The inclined base plate with arc angle is beneficial to the collection and discharge of clean and condensed water.

Strive to make the products beautiful, practical, stable and cost-effective, and strive to save more experimental space for our customers. We will provide you with safe, stable and high-performance experimental equipment as always, making your experimental process easier. First-class technology, first-class service.

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