With the development of China's commodity economy, China's packaging and printing market has seen an industry boom. It is expected that during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, China's packaging and printing industry will continue to maintain a healthy and stable development rate of 8%-9% every year. By the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the total output value of the industry will reach 360 billion yuan, and the industry average profit rate will be It reaches about 9%. Many packaging and printing enterprises have further expanded the business market through third-party e-commerce platforms, and e-commerce of packaging and printing has also become a major trend in the industry.

China is expected to become the world's number one packaging country in 2015. With the further expansion of China's packaging market, many packaging and printing enterprises in China have further expanded their business markets through e-commerce platforms. The e-commerce of the packaging and printing industry has become a major trend in the industry. Among them, many packaging and printing enterprises have realized the expansion of their business market share through the well-known b2b trade search engine platform in China.

A person in charge of food plastic packaging printing said that as a food packaging and printing company, thanks to the development of the domestic food industry, the variety of foods has increased rapidly, and the company's food packaging business is also expanding. However, due to the narrow access to market demand information, the company's packaging business growth has been maintained at around 15%, while Other packaging companies have maintained a 25% growth rate.

The person in charge said that the company later introduced through a friend a marketing and promotion of packaging printing business on a b2b business search engine platform, the company's food packaging printing business has been well developed. At present, many food processing factories that need packaging have found the company through the platform. The company's business growth rate has also remained at around 30%, and this year's performance has increased by more than 2 million yuan over last year.

According to industry analysts, in the process of packaging and printing industry development, packaging and printing enterprises need to develop the local and foreign packaging printing business market; commodity manufacturers also need to choose safe, low-cost, novel packaging and printing business, at this time, e-commerce Become an important information aggregation exchange platform between enterprises. With the prosperity of China's commodity economy, China's packaging and printing industry will also continue to grow, and the e-commerce trend of the packaging and printing market will be further strengthened.

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