A good integrated ceiling is determined by the materials and the installation of the workers. The materials include plates, keels, hardware accessories, etc. Among them, the keel is an important material for everything. This article is to introduce the AIA keel of AIA integrated ceiling, AIA integrated ceiling is highly trusted by consumers, how about this keel?

1. Material technology

AIA's integrated ceiling AO anti-seismic keel, because of the use of anodized high-quality aluminum profiles, the overall look is white and smooth, the feel is solid and reliable, and the touch is more delicate and smooth.

2. Corrosion resistance comparison-AO keel is more corrosion resistant

We know that as a commonly used building material, steel has good applicability, but it is also prone to electrochemical reactions, which makes it severely rusted after a period of use, affecting the overall reliability of the product and bringing a certain degree Potential safety hazards.

After the anodizing process, the AIA integrated ceiling AO anti-seismic keel is difficult to be oxidized, which ensures that it has excellent anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, and also makes it more adaptable to the humid environment of the kitchen and bathroom space than the ordinary keel. Bring better stability and a longer life.

2. Structural Design

1. Cross-section experiment-AO keel structure is more stable

The AO keel of AIA's integrated ceiling adopts a "Japanese-shaped" design, which is significantly more reliable than a thin ordinary keel. After simple testing, it is found that there is no problem of easy deformation of ordinary keels.

2. Load-bearing experiment-AO keel has higher strength

Next, we tested the load-bearing capacity. It can be seen that there is no obvious change in the AO keel.

Three, boom comparison

Diameter comparison-AIA boom is more solid

In addition to the material and design of the keel itself, the boom used to suspend the keel and integrated ceiling plate also has an extremely important role and significance for users. Ordinary keel uses 6mm hanger, while AIA AO keel uses 12mm full wire hanger. What is obvious is that there is a clear gap between the tension that the two can bear.

4. Application Extension

As we all know, the safety requirements of nuclear power plants are extremely strict. Once an accident occurs, it will bring unpredictable serious consequences. With its own excellent quality, AO seismic keel has passed the layer-by-layer tests of the nuclear power engineering construction department, and its seismic resistance in all aspects of material and structure has perfectly reached the standard, which meets the use standards of nuclear power engineering. AIA keel is manufactured with such strict standards, with such reliability to support the sky in our home, safety is beyond doubt!

AIA integrated ceiling AO keel is better than ordinary keel in terms of material technology, structural design, triangular keel, and boom configuration. You may wish to pay attention to the information on this website to continue to understand.

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