Beijing July 25, 2012 With the development of science and technology and the emergence of emerging products, the production patterns of manufacturers are facing a major shift. The shorter and shorter product life cycle, a small variety of production, unstable orders and the control of production qualification rate have become the challenges of the new generation of manufacturing. The pressure of labor shortage and rising labor costs is also a major consideration. Under such circumstances, manufacturers want to take into account low unit cost, stable quality and high production efficiency, and introduce automated production processes centered on industrial robots, which has gradually become an ideal solution.

There are many types of traditional industrial robots. From the early Cartesian coordinate system robots, as the process difficulty increases, the pick-and-place actions required by the robots are more complicated. Machine vision and motion control technologies have begun to be adopted in the field of industrial robots. Intelligent robots are composed of electronic control components, machines and software; in manufacturing applications, the first condition must be correctly positioned to effectively identify, measure, detect and trace back, so the need for intelligent robots combined with machine vision is increasing at this stage increase. After the machine vision system obtains the relevant positioning images, the images are further transmitted to the motion control card. The DSP digital signal processor on the card can obtain the three-dimensional spatial coordinate position of the identified object, and then convert the spatial coordinates into a multi-axis robot After the system coordinates, the robot is driven to perform the scheduled work. Through a high degree of integration, various manufacturing solutions can be developed. For example, the integration of machine vision and machine tools will replace the cost of manual positioning and manual inspection; and the integration of EMS system and machine vision positioning technology will be applied to material management, part barcode management and finished product inspection.

For GigE Vision, the mainstream technology of machine vision, ADLINK launched two machine vision solutions equipped with PoE interfaces to meet market demands. When the user's demand is mainly based on the expansion of flexible and convenient integration of industrial computer platforms, the high-speed image capture card GIE64 + that supports IEEE 1588 precision time synchronization protocol and Smart PoE function with four-channel PoE (Power over Ethernet) interface will be its best select. If users need small size, ruggedness and other characteristics, ADLINK EOS-1000 / 1200 small vision system will meet their needs. EOS-1200 is equipped with the second-generation Intel® Core ™ i7 quad-core processor and provides four-channel PoE (Power over Ethernet) port and support for GigE Vision, data transmission rate up to 4 Gb / s, and industry-leading support for IEEE 1588 precision time synchronization protocol, allowing multiple groups of cameras to achieve synchronous imaging, to automate the production line of multi-channel cameras, The best solution for robotic equipment and food packaging.

In the part of motion control solutions, ADLINK is leading the industry by introducing PCI interface DSP-based high-end 4 / 8-axis motion control card PCI-8254 / PCI-8258, embedded with high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) , Provide high-speed motion commands and feedback compensation calculations, can complete real-time motion control requirements. PCI-8254 / PCI-8258 uses a new hardware with a servo update rate of up to 50μs to implement its full closed-loop control system, and provides both voltage command (Voltage command) and pulse command (Pulse command) The position command is given to the servo drive. Up to 20MHz encoder input frequency, at the same time receive the signal returned by the controlled system to fully control the moving mechanical position. PCI-8254 / PCI-8258 also provides diverse application functions such as master-slave axis control, program download, multi-dimensional space interpolation motion, etc., suitable for high-speed, high-precision semiconductor, laser engraving and Roll-to-Roll manufacturing equipment, and Complex and diverse motion track application requirements. In addition, PCI-8254 / PCI-8258 provides a trigger pulse of up to 1MHz, which is easy to integrate into high-speed AOI machines. ADLINK motion control solutions can assist domestic equipment manufacturers to develop analog signal motion controllers, avoiding the high cost of purchasing fully closed-loop motion control solutions and I / O observations from European and American manufacturers, effectively saving users' development cycles And costs.

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ADLINK is committed to the improvement and innovation of measurement, automation and computer communication technology, providing solutions to global network telecommunications, intelligent transportation and electronics manufacturing customers. Relying on the perseverance of professional technology and self-requirement of customer commitment, it has led a number of innovative products in the industry and obtained multiple certifications such as ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485, Taiwan Excellence, and TL9000. ADLINK is a member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance, a member of the PICMG Association that can participate in the formulation of specifications, a board of the PXI Systems Alliance Association and the highest level member, and a member of the AXIe Consortium. Currently, it has subsidiaries in the United States, Singapore, China, Japan, and Germany, and offices in India, South Korea, France, and Israel to provide fast services and real-time support to local customers. Website: http: //.

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